Hello I am new...how to stand and what to hold in/up


Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and whilst waiting for my DVD and book to arrive i would like to ask how i am supposed to walk around and keep gravity from working against me.. Do i hold my tummy muscles in whilst waking around to help or do i scrunch bottom or vagina together... i need some urgent advice so i can get on with living... any advice most welcome.. DVD could take 2 weeks as i didn't realise you could stream them... silly me..

Hi Lyndylou. Please don't scrunch anything or hold anything in. Lift your chest, relax your belly, and relax your mind too. Nothing horrible is going to happen. Get down on hands and knees and relax in that position when you are feeling especially symptomatic. Let us know how you are doing. - Surviving

PS: Go to this page and watch the first couple of videos to get an overview of the concepts.


Thank you for your support and advice. I have watched those free videos available, the sitting ladies with rocking movements are the only indication of what exercises to do and they don't say how to support the ligaments holding up the bladder.. all the advice i am getting from my osteopath and GP are to squeeze bottom ligaments together whilst laying down and put my hands on hip bones so i can feel the upper muscles contracting... and this goes against what Christine is saying. I not feeling like I am getting much in the way of support from all those ladies out there who pertain to have this condition.. is the DVD and book worth waiting for?

Well, of course they are!! - Surviving


Many of the moves of traditional yoga and pilates do indeed put the pelvic organ support system at risk. You should definitely be exercising.....but safely, and in WW posture. Pick up one or two of Christine's yoga videos, they are great. - Surviving

Hello can i ask a question about sitting.. i have a meditation cushion which does tilt your pelvis slightly forward and back upright you can sit in this position with legs folded into the body for an hour or more, it is very comfortable. My question is it ok to sit ontop of this cushion with straight back and thighs either side of the cushion, its very comfortable but not sure about creating wide space between thighs does it do any harm to the prolapse it have mild stage one.. doing all the part one exercises x2 a day so moving in the right direction and don't want to undo any good work in that area with poor sitting posture.. many thanks

Hi Lyndylou,
The beauty of doing this work is being able to apply it in our daily lives and routines we are comfortable with. I don't see any reason you shouldn't be able to sit that way as long as you aren't losing your lumbar curvature or feeling symptomatic. As with anything, try it out, and if it doesn't work, you can begin again. That's what I love about whole woman: you can always begin again if you falter, and come back even stronger.

Due to seasonal allergies I have been coughing frequently and clearing my throat a lot. My prolapse had practically disappeared, and now it is back but not nearly as pronounced. I do the WW posture throughout the day . How do you keep the posture while coughing and sleeping where the push out typically occurs?
Thank you! Gram56

Hi gram56,
Coughing and sneezing can present a problem when it comes to prolapse. Ladies do different things to try to alleviate the pressure, as in sitting down in strong posture during the sneeze or bending over when a sneeze comes on. Experiment and see what works best for you.
It would also be a good idea to do some jiggling and firebreathing after coughing or sneezing to help those organs move back into place.

Thank you!

Can I use an exercise ball as a chair? it would seem that i can sit with improved posture and i can if i try do little pelvic rolls whist on the ball. I have purchased one as i read an article on a yoga page that said it could help with pelvic organ prolapse. What are your thoughts? thanks

I suppose you could, if you can keep a good position. I've never sat on one, don't they move around a lot? - Surviving

Hi Lindylou,
I had a ball before WW and tried using it. They move around a lot, are difficult to control, and I found myself falling backwards from it and there was nothing I could do about it. I fell in front of a doorway, luckily the door wasn't shut, and the door was open wide enough for me not to collide with it.

They also have to be a certain height and kept firm as the knees have to be lower than the hips.
Because they move around a lot and are difficult to control it is difficult to sit or do anything in the posture. If you are new to whole woman work on the posture and strength and also the fundamentals and if you wish to use your ball in the future, you will know whether any of the exercises and the ball works with the posture.
I am very wary of using any ball now because of the fall.
I would try one in the future if I come across one, and see if my body can hold the posture after 5 years of WW - but it has to be firm and the right height...and against the wall.... my daughter's cat put a hole in my mother's one, lol
You will find that most of the exercises on these balls encourage pulling in the stomach and chest breathing and put the body in obtuse angles.
I will post what I think of them again if I come across one, but I use Christine's exercises and posture as a foundation to everything else.

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Hello all,
I’m also new and I can certainly relate to everything that’s being discussed in this thread. I joined this forum looking for ways how to avoid a surgery for cystocele and rectocele. There is a lot of information here and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Could someone please point me in the right direction where it is best to start and what to buy (the book, which video(s), etc.)? From your experience, how long could it take to start noticing results?
I also have an allergic cough most of the year which is a huge contributor to my prolapse. When I cough, I try to close up my vagina opening automatically just like in Kegels so I don’t “drop” my insides. Am I hurting myself even more by doing so?
Thanks so much!

Hi red-head and welcome,
You have come to the right place, so you can begin your journey now. Once you have become more familiar with this work, that fear and confusion will go away.
A good starting place is the Saving the Whole Woman book and First Aid for Prolapse DVD, although there are many online videos and programs to choose from. If you need more help with your selections or have anymore questions about Whole Woman, just let us know.

Yes there is a lot of information here, just take your time with it. There is no rush, this is not an emergency. Avoiding surgery is simply a matter of saying "no". That is much easier to do when you come to understand that there is no surgical cure for prolapse. So-called repairs will fail sooner or later, and in the process will have destroyed the natural dynamics of pelvic organ support, leaving you with no alternatives except more surgery, with less and less success each time.

I agree with AG that a good starting point is the basic book and FAFP video. Can be bought separately or in a nice bundle with the baton. Can be shipped to you or purchased for digital download. That is how I started some years back, and have built my collection over time. I agree the array now is a little overwhelming but everything has value far exceeeding its price.

Some who really throw themselves into this, start to see a difference immediately. I had my most significant improvements in my second year. This is maintenance, not a cure, and you get back in proportion to what you put in. There will be a moment when it all clicks. As AG says, it is losing the fear that is the biggest gift of Christine's work; understanding the anatomy of prolapse and putting these tools into practice is how you lose that fear and get your life back.

I wouldn't kegel when I cough if I were you. That kind of squeezing just pulls the organs INTO the vagina. Christine has written several articles on kegeling which can be found in the blog. Sitting or hinging at the hips can do more to pin your organs into place. If not possible, a good strong stance in WW posture is better. - Surviving

Thank you so much, Surviving and AG, for your help!!! I just purchased the bundle. There wasn’t an option to download anything. I’m assuming it’s because it was a bundle. Hopefully, priority USPS will get it to me soon.

When you are not feeling good, it’s so easy to believe anything your doctor says. And I’m sure she meant well, but she is a “conventional” doctor and does everything she learned at medical school. She told me that if I don’t have the surgery done, I would be damaging my bladder. I’ve been refusing this surgery for two years, and I got so upset when the doc said that I really have to get it done now, that I didn’t even ask in what way I’m damaging my bladder. Yesterday, I felt like I tore up something while in the bathroom and decided to look in the mirror. I was horrified to see that my bladder had bloody scratch marks. Now I know where a little bit of blood comes from. Before, I thought this was related to the UTI. I try to wear loose clothing and have no idea how the bladder could get scratched like this. I think, I now know what my doctor meant by “damaging the bladder”. I’m guessing that if I learn how to get my bladder back inside, it won’t be an issue anymore. Had anyone had any experience with this? Thanks so much again! The support and kind words mean a lot!

P.S. Do you get email notifications when there is a new post? I have not been getting any notifications – even checked my Spam folder.

There are no e-mail notifications when someone posts to the Forum. The easiest way to find new posts is to sign in with your password, and click on "Recent Posts" under the Navigation section on the left.

To buy digital products you need to go in through the selection for e-books and videos. There are bundles there.

Keep in mind that is not the bladder that you scratched. The bladder is behind the vaginal wall and is bulging through. So it's your vaginal tissue you are seeing. - Surviving

Unfortunately i had a hystrectomy 4 years ago and am now noticing prolapse appearing again. Im a yoga teacher so now am very interested to know more about which postures would be beneficial and which are not. Do you think either of these books/vids would be able to guide me. I honestly searched everywhere for an alternative to surgery and found nothing, i then put my trust in the hospital. So this is where i am now. I was hoping to find more free information or exercises if im honest. I cant help feeling that this sort of information should be easily available to everyone. Can anyone advice me on which information would be best suited for me as i have limited funds. Also it would be lovely to hear from people who have really benefitted from this. Thankyou so much.

Hi Space - The best resource for you would be Christine's Saving the Post-Hyst Woman - the posture principles are extremely important for you to incorporate into your life and your work, but after hysterectomy the dynamics are quite different and there are some cautions you need to observe.

As a yoga instructor, you have a duty to your female students to understand pelvic dynamics and to avoid those positions and moves that bring the wrong type of pressure to bear on the organs.

I believe that as your funds allow, you should start building your resources in this very vital area. WW has many generous sales and promotions throughout the year. We cannot hand this information over to you tied up with a bow......we've all had to immerse ourselves in the study and practice of Christine's teachings. We who have benefited from it, and those who will do so, have a responsibility to support the effort. It's not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change.

I don't doubt that you made an effort to educate yourself on your options 4 years ago. But gosh, I easily found WW 7 years ago; it's had a web presence for over a dozen years. Then there's the HERS Foundation which has been counseling women about hysterectomy for 35 years. The day will come when women will no longer blindly follow the medical profession's unfortunate protocols for the treatment of benign chronic conditions like prolapse. - Surviving

Hi what do the ladies who follow WW think of this core strengthening programme along side the prolapse first aid Christine teaches.? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz7PSHNnZQg Dr Bri says she has reversed her prolapse.

Hi Lyndylou,
First of all, you need to get permission to post information that is not whole woman related to this forum. Just contact Lanny and Christine.
Second, that is one scary video!! Have you read any of Christine's material? If not, it is time for some serious whole woman studying.

Scary in what way this lady says she has reversed and healed her prolapse by strengthening her core and ligaments I wanted to add this to the first aid program I am following with Christine..one size doesn't fit all!!

Didn't watch the whole vid, but did I see her doing kegels on her back? Yipes, don't do it ladies. These concepts are wrong and can make things worse. Lyndylou has a ways to go in her understanding of WW principles. The "everything but the kitchen sink" approach doesn't work well with prolapse. - Surviving

I could go on and on to why the teachings of this woman are completely incorrect as we have done so many times before on the forum, but that is not what we are here for. We are here to talk about the principles of the whole woman work, and to talk to people that are interested in this work.
Here are the forum guidelines, if you haven't seen them before:


Please feel free to come back and ask questions about the whole woman work. Study the whole woman work, and then you will empower yourself with the most important information you will ever have about prolapse, and then you will see for miles away incorrect posture and techniques that will be harmful for you in the long run.
This is for each of us to do for ourselves and our well being.

What recovery, improvement or reversal % or rates can wholewoman techniques claim...can anyone confirm that their prolapse has much improved. Not after a quick fix just solid honest and realistic measures to improve ccore strength. Forums on prolapse should be a safe place for women to ask questions not be rail roared to comply or leave....

It is for each of us to decide if the whole woman work is right for us. If it doesn't ring true for you, then there is nothing we can say to change your mind, nor should we have to defend, argue the merits of, or beg people to follow it.
That's not what we are here for. We are here to help women who are really interested in the whole woman work, and want to do what is best for their prolapse.
So yes, if this isn't what you want from this forum, maybe it is time to move on.

"The primary purpose of this forum is education and support for women interested in and committed to the Whole Woman work. It is not a debating society about the work itself." - Surviving