Low lying bladder postpartum


I had a postpartum follow up visit and they said I have a low lying bladder and that it's not prolapsed. It sits on my vagina and I barely have an opening in my vaginal canal. They acted as if it's normal and nothing will happen but I'm nervous it will eventually prolapse since I'm in my 20s and my mother had one later in life.

My question is what the difference between prolapse and low bladder? Should I be concerned if a prolapse happening? Has anyone had this issue?

Can I prevent it from prolapsing?! I'm so confused because I thought it was a prolapse since it was bulging a bit out of my vagina at one point.

When the bladder is in a position to push against the front vaginal wall, causing a bulge at the opening, that is a cystocele (bladder prolapse) by whatever name your doc chooses to call it. It is very common post-partum, and will often resolve on its own, at least temporarily (this is probably your doctor's experience with other patients and is why he or she is downplaying it.......and also because the medical profession really does not deal correctly with prolapse at all). It will most likely return eventually if you do nothing. Mine did, and did not start to become symptomatic again for about 10 years. Then it was a few years after that when it reached the point of "discovery".

So i would give you the same suggestion as i did in your previous post: start working on this now, while you're young and healing. Don't squander an opportunity that we of the last generation didn't have.