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I just wanted to say hello and how happy that I found this site.
I have been wearing a Pessery now for about a month. I'm not crazy about having to depend on anything unnatural but it is what it is. My health practitioner asked me if I would consider "corrective surgery ", I said your kidding right? Anyway I returned home very discouraged with her suggestion.
I thought surely theirs a better way. That's when I did a search and found your site. I feel very hopeful that with the DVD I purchased to learn a whole new way at looking at this, that things will improve. I'm in my 70's, have all my inner's so to speak, always felt pretty grateful for my health, until this bladder drop. Thank you Christine for all you do.

Hi Dandilion and welcome! For sure, you have come to the right place. Once you start to get a real feel for how the organs move around and how you can help support them correctly, I predict you will happily lose that pessary along with the fear that often accompanies a discovery of prolapse. For me, the unwelcome bulges turned out to be a blessing for my overall health and well-being; I hope you find the same. Keep us posted, we have a great community here. - Surviving