Hello and new to WW


Hello everyone. I am new to POP and just discovered mine on friday last week. I woke up as usual and some time during the morning felt this pressure and feeling like I had a tampon that was coming out. It actually improved throughout the day but sitting that night it returned and I was in a panic!

A little about myself, I just turned 50 this past May and was really in an amazing place. I am happily married to a 65 year old man whom I have 2 sons with. They are 19 and 20. Both in college and doing well. I am also stepmom to 3 grown children and grandmother to 7 grandchildren. My life is full and busy. I have a cleaning business and work quite a bit but I actually love being active and felt very confident with my physical body. I often work 8-12 hour days. My family really depends on this income.

My symptoms over the weekend grew more distressing and I felt like the world was crashing in on me. I started doing some research and found this website. Wow! I am self diagnosing myself at the moment with a bladder prolapse that seems pretty bad and a more mild rectal one. My cervix is pretty high so I think that is okay for now.

The past few days researching the posture and watching the prolapse first aide have been pretty eye opening! I have to say I felt immediate relief using the posture. It was amazing. I was very worried about working this past monday but I had to try. I admit I was exhausted by the end of the day but I was able to maintain the posture and when I felt uncomfortable would get on all fours and do some breathing. I also did the fire breathing but sometimes it didn't feel as comfortable as just getting down on all fours.

I am so blown away by all of this. Let me say that I am realizing so many interesting things. i remember being about 7 years old and being told by my mother and grandmother that my butt stuck out too far and that I needed to tuck it in and my belly! I do have a really natural lumbar curve so the posture has been pretty natural for me although it goes against everything I have heard my whole life. I also took ballet for many years and always told to tuck in my pelvis and suck in my stomach.

Also, kegels! fking kegels! I swear I could crack nuts with my vagina walls, so obviously kegels don't stop you from getting a prolapse! I enjoy sex and have lots of yummy feelings in my vagina besides this annoying ball! The funny thing is that throughout the day I have to actually stop and relax my vagina because I am in a perpetual kegel!! It's awful. Well, I thought it was great but realizing it contributed to my problem.

So this is my third day of working about 10 hours. Lifting, vacuuming, mopping, stretching to clean windows. It's been okay. Some parts of the day better than others. I feel best when walking, kneeling and on hands and knees. Sitting is the worst, even in the posture. Luckily I don't sit much during the day.

I am going to keep going, and hoping this heaviness and feeling like something is in my vagina will go away the more I work at this. I feel fortunate that I am very active. I also hike and walk every day and in the WW posture I feel so good and almost symptom free so my fingers are crossed.

From feeling devastated to feeling hopeful today. Thank you for this program Christine. I am feeling so fortunate I found this site! I definitely don't want surgery and yet do not want to just suffer through it. At least I feel there is some hope.

Hi Finally50,
It sounds like you are off to a great start with this. The work you do is, of course, going to be a challenge, but women through the ages have done this in natural whole woman posture without even thinking about it. So developing a good routine and giving yourself the rest when needed is very important.
Since you do like going down on all fours, you can also do some firebreathing or belly rolls while you are there.
Just keep up the good work and give yourself the time needed for you body to catch up to all this, because it will!

And welcome here. Your enthusiasm is well placed as this site and Christine's work ,book and videos r amazing. I have been following similar routine to u for 3years and it has given me my life back . I am older and so can rest when I choose.I just wanted to say ,be kind to yourself as some days will be better than others and u may well need to make time to walk,rest and do the exercises as priority over other things.Also a healthy fresh natural diet will help and there is some advice here and in the book.I love home grown sprouts which r full of vitality and fun to grow.Good luck. :)

Thank you both for your encouragement! I am hopeful that this will help, it already has.
I can't necessarily rest much during the day but I get a really good nights sleep and when I am off from work I am happy to rest! I don't have young children to take care of anymore so when I get home from work I just have to care for myself and check in with my husband.
Feeling less bulgey this morning but just had a good sleep. Today will be a test, it's a long one.
I am just trying to take it Day by day. I am the main provider for my family but I am trying to not worry about things I have no control over. I am working toward improvements and hopeful I can keep doing my job!
Thank you both

Hi and welcome, how did your long day go? I agree with the others, you are off to a terrific start. You'll have ups and downs along the way, and in experiencing these you will come to learn that the organs are always moving and you can always improve their position with conscious effort. Rest is great, for sure, but it's when we're upright that the postural work is taking place. I am 67, work full time and care for an elderly parent. I only "rest" at nighttime and this isn't an issue for me at all. Keep it up and keep us posted! - Surviving

Surviving that is encouraging to hear! Resting is only at night for me to. I admit yesterday was at times difficult. I expected that because my body is using a lot of energy trying to be in the posture during all my actions and movements for 11 hours. The interesting thing is I actually felt better later in the day than mid day. I wonder if it's because I was tired mid day and so the posture was harder to maintain? Then I seemed to get a second wind and everything was easier and my symptoms less.

I watched the new kegels video from Christine last night and something just clicked in my brain. At first I had a hard time understanding exactly what Christine was explaining about the pelvis. It sounded so technical and I think I was in such a panic it wasn't sinking in. Why are these dance moves going to work?? I didn't quite get it. Now it makes sense and I am excited to get my book and start reading more!

I am so encouraged but do give into fear and all the "what ifs", some moments. When my symptoms flare up I worry it will always be this way or worse. I did read yesterday that as we progress in the work we start to trust the process and not panic as often. That gives me hope. Some days are better than others but I can have a full, active life.

I starting using honey to and was so happy to notice my cervix was way up, seems higher than usual! I am convinced it's the posture.
Thanks for responding surviving, it's good to get feed back and encouragement!