cystocele and urethocele


I have a cystocele and urethocele, plus atrophic vaginitis. I am considering surgery, my prolapse is past the hymen and very uncomfortable. I did get the DVD about the posture and am trying to walk better, but my doctor has said that nothing will help it but surgery.
I also have atrophic vaginitis. Anyone else have this? I had an incident ( the night before my daughter's heart surgery) where I had some bleeding, a lot, then it stopped and no more for two days, then some again. It seems it starts, bleeds some and then stops. I have been checked out thoroughly by two GYN doctors, have a biopsy of the uterus, checked for bleeding and it showed nothing. My doctor said that dry vaginal area could cause this. Since December, I have had none at all.
I am scared to have any type of relations with my husband, he is also. He saw the bleeding. My GYN doctor said it would be fine, but with this horrible prolapse and the vaginal dryness, I am just so upset, don't want to ruin my 48 year marriage. Any help anyone can give me, please let me know. I am using the estrace cream twice a week as prescribed by my doctor. So, should I have the surgery, anyone have vaginal dryness and what should I do? Many thanks and hope this is not too long. I forgot to mention, I am 68 years old.

Hi Blessedmom and welcome,
The doctors are going to suggest surgery when they don't know what else to do, but the only problem with that is they get the structure of our female anatomy wrong. Christine has written and lectured extensively about this, and it may be in your best interest to do some more reading here before making that final decision. You may also want to schedule a consult with Christine or one of our ww practitioners if you need a better understanding of all this.
It would also be a good idea to just slow down and do some more reading and studying of this work in general. You will find that this work isn't a quick fix, but a lifetime of improvement with the mindful dedication to it.
Christine also talks a lot about vaginal health, especially vaginal dryness. She suggests raw local honey inserted high up in the vagina for the best healing. She also has videos here just for vaginal health that you should look into.
Don't rush into anything until you have really looked into this further; there really is a solution with the whole woman work.
Best wishes to you.

I am 38 with a rectocele, which is at the vaginal opening. I don't have any experience with the vaginitis, but hopefully someone else will chime in. I was also told surgery, by both a German dr (I am living overseas) and an american military dr. There is so much information on this website and on the net about prolapse. Read all you can before surgery. I was really surprised to find that this is not a vaginal problem, but a posture issue (backed up by not only the WW site). Give yourself a chance by doing the WW work and see if it can relieve you of symptoms. It has for me, although I still have bad days. Like AG said, it's not a quick fix. I figure it took me at least 25 years of crappy posture to get to this point, so I need to give myself time to fix it.

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Hi Blessedmom, It might not be the same for everyone but Christine has some good readings on it hope you decide wisely and thing will be better.

Good Luck!!