Help needed


Hey, I'm 20..recently while cleaning up I noticed something peeping from my is covered with the labia but when they're pull apart I see something like flesh over finger still goes inside it but it hurts a little..i don't know since when I'm having it as I've never had sex, I don't even masturbate...
I would upload the picture so that I can get better suggestions only if I knew how to... :/
I'm trying to explain it as better as I can...
Sometimes it looks like a small tongue and sometimes it looks like a fleshy cabbage..its colour is similar to the surrounding tissue...i don't feel comfortable when i touch it..i mean it doesn't hurt much, but it doesn't please me either...i don't know what it is ...can anyone suggest?

Hi sankriti - I am not exactly the anatomy expert, and I don't have an answer for you. Just normal tissue perhaps? Maybe the urethra is a little inflamed....any other symptoms? - Surviving

Ya...sometimes it feels like someone's pinching the muscles of my lower abdomen, I can't sit for long, mu back and hips hurt badly, I can't even lie down for long coz of the same..

Well....Whole Woman posture would certainly help that. It is a return to natural posture where we stop pulling in our abs, and re-create a nice lumbar curvature to support the spine, hips and pelvis. Take a look around the site. Correcting the damaging myths about "good" posture is our mission here. - Surviving

okay, thanks :)

By the it okay to have such tissue sticking out over there??

It is not unheard of for someone as young as you to have prolapse, just a little more unlikely. We get prolapse from bad postural habits, heavy lifting, straining, sitting in soft furniture, etc., so if you have been doing a lot of these things, you may be developing prolapse. We wouldn't know for sure what is going on with you, but here is the prolapse self exam:

Either way, starting to adopt the whole woman posture, as surviving as said above, is the best thing any of us can do for bodies.
We are not a medical site, so we are not going to know for sure what is going on with you, so if you still have concerns, you could go get it checked out.

Agree with aging prolapse in such young age is an exception. Are you lifting to much weights or some tough routines that let this happen. I am sure whole women postures will relieve your pain. Good Luck!!

Hi Bane - we appreciate the encouragement that you are giving to our members, but the best encouragement and help comes from those who are actively engaged in the Whole Woman work and can share real experiences. You've been posting quite a lot in the last couple of months but have yet to share your own prolapse story, despite several requests. So, do let us know how you are doing, and please take care that your advice to others doesn't cause confusion. - Surviving