Camp Chair


Any suggestions on a good folding camp chair that is compact and easy to carry along? We live right by two lakes and use those all the time, and I am realizing that all of ours are prolapse-unfriendly. I looked up one called Strong-back Chair (spendy: $99), but it looks like it leans into an obtuse angle, even though it does have lumbar support. Any suggestions on a lightweight, easy-to-carry camp chair that can support WW posture would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


And one more thing, I would be willing to spend a little more (or even a lot more) if the chair was truly supportive of WW posture and easy to pack. It is something I will use often. I know we are not supposed to promote particular items for sale here on this forum, so if asking for a product recommendation like this does not fit within the WW forum rules, please let me know that, too. If so, I look elsewhere for a chair recommendation, and I will be sure not to ask about posture-friendly products here again. I am new here and just not sure how broadly that rule is applied. Thanks!

It's fine to discuss specific products here. It's self-promotion (aka free advertising) that was the issue earlier today. The guidelines are clear enough. I don't have any suggestions....hopefully someone else will. - Surviving

Surviving60 (or anyone else who might know), could you please tell me where I would find the guidelines for this forum. Thanks so much.

I went to the very last page of the "housekeeping" topic and found the etiquette and guidelines. Here they are, for any newbies like me who may not have found these yet: So, according to the guidelines, if you find a good product that supports WW posture and lifestyle, you can post the name and description here in the forum but not a link to it. If someone wants a link, then you can have them email you privately for it. Sounds fair. Now to continue my search for the perfect camp chair... ;-)

They are here:

If you were on the WW home page, and clicked on the forum tab, this is the screen it takes you to. - Surviving

Thank you, Surviving60. Not sure how I missed that. Yes, they are very clear.

I have a feeling you are not going to find any particular camp chair that will stand out as being more prolapse-friendly than any other. Most are very minimal and kind of low-slung, making it hard to sit without a flattened lumbar curve. Sitting around like this is like any other tweak it the best you can, with the understanding that not everything you do is going to be helpful in this endeavor. That's why it's so important to understand the principles behind WW posture and how it works. It's usually not WHAT we do, but HOW. You might try sitting on the ground on a comfy mat of some kind, with a cushion under your butt. - Surviving

I found this summer taking a coushin to put in camp chair it lefted me up a bit and that made a difference