Basic Questions I forgot to ask the doctor


Two days ago I was fitted with a pessary for urinary incontinence. It is the one that looks like a dish with holes and a lip. At first the doctor said to take it out every night. After struggling to remove it in the office I told them I can't remove it and asked if there were other options. I was then told I can leave it in for 3 months at a time then make an appointment for them to clean it. So does this mean it can be worn during menstruation? Also is it possible to use a tampon with it in?

Can it be worn during sex? Can I get an IUD if I have a pessary? I just ordered the skyla IUD a few days prior (these are two different gynecologists that I'm seeing)

I've read online that you shouldn't feel it but I feel like I am constantly wearing a big tampon. Is that normal?

Hi Kim,

Even though most of us get enough result with the WW work so that we don't need to mess with a pessary, I still think every woman needs to go through the pessary drill for herself so she can either benefit from it for some period of time, or put the issue to rest.

I would never leave it in my body for 3 months, but many women do. I've had sex with a pessary, it is doable, but was only when I forgot and then removed it right away. I never left mine in for days on end and can't imagine leaving it in for menstruation. The walls of the vagina need to breathe and healthy bacterial colonies need to become reestablished. Can't imagine you could wear a tampon too, if you're already feeling the pessary, and I have no idea about the iud.

Hope you can learn WW posture, as pessaries are not a final solution and become very difficult to use as the vagina atrophies with age.


hi kim,

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