Question about sitting


Dear Ladies,
I have some spine problems, and my doctor told me to sit on a pillow, which looks like a triangle, to create a bigger lumbar curve. (I searched the internet for the exact name of the tool, I am not sure about it. Maybe chair wedge cushion or something, but here is the link )
and I would like to ask, sitting like this isn't bad for the rectocele? I feel a definite tension around my anus and vagina and the area between them, as if my rectocele would bulge more when I sit in this position.
On the other hand, this allows bigger lumbar curve, which ought to be good.
What do you think?
Thank you in advance, Budahazya


Hi buda - I think this kind of cushion would be good for prolapse; it would help you hold the organs forward as you sit, and keep your spine from collapsing.

What are the spine problems for which your doctor recommended this? - Surviving

I have spinal disc herniation and some of my vertebral discs grew old (they are not hight enough to keep
my vertebras away from each other. (and some other problems I can't explain in English..)

Hi Goddesses,

This is my first post on the forum. I am 56 yrs old and had my right hip replaced 7 yrs ago. I know-terrible, right? But I did not have this info back then and was in terrible pain for years. It is what it is. I also have the challenges of POP. I have done very little yoga over the years, and I'm familiar with some positions, but I consider myself new to yoga. I just purchased the yoga video bundles and have found them very enlightening. I can do many of the yoga positions, but some I can't. It's very hard for me to bring my legs up at a 90 degree angle for the stretches and exercises. Is there an alternative way to do this? Can I lift one leg in the air, and keep the other bent, can I do the stretches on the wall, or keep my knees up towards my chest without straightening my legs fully? I also need an alternative for crossed legged sitting. I can however sit with my legs tucked under and back on my feet with the help of a pillow. And, since I'm new to all of this, I of course have a million questions, like: Does any one have the secret to a comfortable and supportive bra?? Who the heck designs these things??? What is the best position to sleep in when you have POP? What's the best kind of chair to sit in when on the computer, watching TV, etc.? If you have to wear shoes, what are the best kind to wear? It get's cold in the winter were I live, so I can't really go barefoot except in my house. Any mail order companies with those really cool outfits that Christine wears? I think it would be great to have a book with all those little practical things and resources that can make a difference. Maybe a list of reputable companies that sell herbs, essential oils, clothing, food, furniture, yoga supply, etc. I'm sure that list could go on and on. Thanks for reading and any suggestions would be welcome.

Hi and welcome. The best sources of general information on posture and prolapse management are the book, Saving the Whole Woman, and the dvd, First Aid for Prolapse. Christine also offers on-line courses, and of course, an entire Hips program.

As far as exercises go, all of the moves can be modified as needed, or skipped entirely if they are not comfortable. We on the forum are not qualified to advise someone who has had a hip replacement on what they should and shouldn't do. That will have to be up to you. As you get more into the posture work, you might want to schedule a consult with Christine. For now I would concentrate on the posture itself, and do a lot of posture walking if you can, which really helps settle your body back into the correct alignment. Keep belly relaxed, chest pulled up - the aim is to restore lumbar curvature and get those organs to rest against the lower belly, not crammed into the vaginal space. - Surviving

Thanks for your welcome and reply. I appreciate the info.

My lower back is pretty straight so I have a lot of trouble keeping the lumbar curve while sitting, even when I sit criss-cross ('indian stye') on the floor I feel like I'm rounding my lower back outwards. To combat this I put a small cushion under my tailbone and that helps tilt me forward. I'm not sure if this is a bad modification to do for a cystocele... but if i don't, i feel like i'm pushing my lower spine bowed out with no lumbar curve.

Hi Typicalme - that is exactly what Christine suggests, to help leverage more lumbar curvature when sitting on the floor. - Surviving

great, thanks so much for your quick reply :)

We are planning a vacation and I will be sitting in the van for long periods of time over three days. How can I maintain the correct posture and exercise during that time? Also I have a bad cough and am dealing with incontinence. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I recently had an exam by a gynecologist and she prescribed a vaginal cream with a low dose estrogen. I was told by the pharmacist and the doctor that it is safe, but I still am concerned about cancer and wonder if it is helping at all for my prolapsed uterus. The other problem I found out about is my incontinence. I was only able to empty my bladder half way and this is causing me to get up several times in the night and have leakage when I cough. I was told PT could help solve this. I'm not sure about following any of this advice.

Hi solet, can you tell us if you have started looking into the Whole Woman work and if you already have any of Christine's video's? She covers everything having to do with Whole Woman posture, sitting, toileting habits. I will tell you that your doctor's advice is very poor....sounds like you already sense this. - Surviving

I have just been reading the information on the Whole Woman site and the postings. I would like to order some of the basic material, but understand it is now being updated. I live in Canada and am not sure how long it takes to get the videos or if I should just wait for the new material to come out. However I feel I need more information and would like to get started as soon as possible.

Hi Solet,
There's no rush with using the cream or not - I've often gotten prescriptions either written or filled and I've sat on them while I did my research so definitely research everything you can about the risks/benefits and do what you feel comfortable with, especially since you're feeling wary.

As far as emptying your bladder - try leaning forward and shaking around a bit after you think you're done going. Another method is going on all 4s in the shower. Try to get your bladder as empty as you can... i think I've read that even fully emptying once a day can help prevent problems (especially since it's not always feasible to get on all 4s to pee throughout the day).

In the car I use a wedge on the seat to raise the back of the seat a bit. That works in one Of my cars. I also sometimes shove a blanket behind my back for a bit of support to the lumbar region.

To empty bladder I sit up straight and then lean forward with elbows locked and hands on knees. I let my belly fall between my legs. Relax and keep contact with seat but also sense that you are leaning forward more onto the front of
Your foot. This tilts the bladder forward into a better position and then I can drain the urine better.

I can’t say what you should buy but for about thirty dollars the fundamentals program teaches the posture and the toileting and is a basic start and will get you very very far. The first aid for prolapse is also excellent and to the point and has even more. But yes it seems like lots of product ms are about to change and so it’s hard for me to say.

Here is the newsletter explaining where WW is going with their products:

It's explained here that anyone who has purchased a streaming video product that gets discontinued will still have access to it, or will have an option to upgrade. I don't know exactly when all this will happen, or how it will work, but the important thing is to get the help and references that you need now (rather than wait around). There is no risk in that. - Surviving