Dealing with constipation and a Rectocele.


I am a 70 year old woman who has had a rectocele for several years. I have seen doctors who think surgery would be a good idea but I am very worried about trying that. Of course the doctors tell you not to strain....which is hard to do if you are constipated! I am sure each woman had somewhat different symptoms with a rectocele. In my case, I have a soft bowl movement each morning, but in the afternoon, I find myself very constipated and with that horrid bulging at the opening of my vagina. I also have a big urge to "go" but can not do it. It is uncomfortable enough that I do not to leave the house....all I can think about is geting that out of my colon so I feel better!
On a recent trip to Japan I was very happy to encounter a BioBidet! I could not wait to get home and order one for our master bath. This particular one has what they call a VORTEX function. Toto also makes a similar "washlet:" but I could not find a model wiith the vortex (enema) function. This thing has saved my life. If I get "stuck:" I simply use the vortex function which shoots a bit of water up into the rectum area. I still need to "splint" but I do not need to strain. I go right away, no straining.
I now have very little of that "golf ball in the opening" feeling....which is really an irritation.
I wanted to share this with other women who are suffering with Rectocele and constipation.
THis has been a life saver for me.

Personally, I just can't see this as a long term solution, but to each her own, I guess.

I think the posture work would go a lot longer way in alleviating these symptoms than a jet of water would.

it us a good idea to share ideas but I have found my answers to be right here with Wholewoman. I am 65 and perfecting the posture Christine explains has worked miracles for me . It is risk free and does not need expensive equipment! I wish u luck for the future but would recommend reading lots here rather than even considering for one moment going for an op!

While I agree with finding all the answers possible "right here with Wholewoman", I am also VERY relieved to find that someone else has found a non-surgical solution to this problem of the ever-present "golf ball in the opening" ! I MUST try it! I will try any sensible, non-invasive solutions to this situation. Thank you, Lady C. for sharing!