Back pain and confused about the posture


Hi all am a newbie , so glad I found this forum I have so many question came from the doctors today diagnosed with rectocele. Gave birth to my son 15 months ago but only felt symptons a week ago I really feel so alone in this no one seems to know bout it. Anyway I wanted advise on rectocele and back pain how to relieve it and is the posture going to help relieve. Where can I get information on the posture intending to buy DVD soon but In the meantime. Is there any1 who has improved back pain from rectocele please help am in tears most times. Btw am from London so will it be delivered to me.

Hi Mizunderstood and welcome to Whole Woman. The posture Christine teaches here, is really just the natural posture that we all had as children, before we learned to pull our bellies in tight and tuck our butts under. Over time this is a huge contributor to the loss of pelvic organ support. So here is something to get you started while you are waiting to get the materials:

I have cystocele and rectocele, and never really had back pain as such, so I would venture to say that you should probably feel better all over once you gradually adopt this posture. Do you have any other health issues? We have lots of post-partum moms here who are doing great with this work.

Feel free to ask any questions here, as you commence your journey! - Surviving

Hi Mizunderstood, sorry to hear you are in such distress, I have rectocele, I have back pain that accompanies it, the posture will help so much, I know this from experience. The First Aide for prolapse videos also will help,
I know some women do not have back pain with their prolapse but I do.
I Must always remind my self of my limitations, pulling and lifting heavy objects aggravate mine,
and most important when I fall out of posture snap myself back into it. The posture will become easier as time goes by, its natural for me now to stand and walk in proper posture, once you notice what an improvement it makes you will want to keep posture.
I find walking is really good to loosen my back up, as long as I maintain posture, I found walking in proper posture is actually a treatment you could say for my sore back.
The exercise down on forearms and knees, head resting on fore arms, swaying hips back and forth relaxes and helps relieve stress and pain, very comforting.
I have been doing Whole Woman program for over a year and it has changed my life.
You will always have someone here to help you, things will get better, honest.

Mizunderstood, I have aches in my back and hips but I understand that in my case it's my erector spinae, QL and other muscles of my hips being worked (which in old posture were inactive). The www posture is helping tremendously! I have the big package of al 5 DVD's and find them extremely helpful. I am also waiting for the Hips DVD because I know that I need it, you probably do too. Learn to describe your pain as sharp, dull, achey, electric shock, throbbing, etc. It will help you express it and thus get some answers as to what's going on. (This forum is a great place for getting answers). This has always helped me to qualify my pain and then analyze what could be causing it. Hope that helps some, I, literally, feel your pain. Hope that you figure it out and feel better soon!

Hi Mizunderstood

Congrats on motherhood and sorry you have prolapse but you are in the right place. I started on the book 'Saving the Whole Women' and found that inexpensive but a great introduction to what this work is all about. 1st Aid for Prolapse DVD can help you day to day too. My second child is 2yrs. I got rectocele at 3mths PP with her. I did not find this site until a year later as did not get on net - so silly. I had minor rectocele so no real symptoms unless I strained on the loo. Through my daily life my rectocele got a lot worse - do not do nothing or it will get worse. This work is what you need and you will hear that 2 years post birth is a healing and changing time in your body so it is very open to this work. I do not mean you can make it all go away but certainly perhaps stop it in its tracks. You can still live a very high quality life - more than you can know now. There are many Mums on here who have gone on to have many more children all with prolapse!

If you can, and I know it's not easy, throw yourself into this work. It has taken me a lot of time to grasp the posture but others get it quickly. Start relaxing your belly now and get loose clothing that allow your belly to expand when you sit (like when pregnant). Having to look after children makes POP harder but it also means you get the opportunity to incorporate lots of floor work and movement into your daily life that you do not get when sitting in an office all day.

There are lots of post pardum Mums on here so you are not alone but yes it can feel that way. I think everyone feels that at first and cries a lot of tears too. All the best and we are here to help and support you. You are in the grieving phrase for your old body/life. This site will give you hope but you have to start reading this forum and do some of the work. Read Sierra recent posts as she had a very quick turnaround. It might help you feel better and I always think some hope that things will get better is so important - Motherhood is hard enough!!

Thank you all for your kind words and advise feel a lot more calmer now. I have watched the short clip of first aid for prolapse , I tried the posture but have noticed that when I keep it for a while my back can't handle it and only feel relieve when I hung down again. Maybe am not doing something right. Defo looking forward to getting my copy of DVD and books maybe I'll understand better then. Also have any of taking painkillers , ibrofen to relieve back pain. thanks again for sharing your experiences with me.

It is going to take time for you body to adjust. I still get some pain in my lumber area as I perfect my posture and I didn't start with back pain. Do what you can but don't make yourself even more miserable. My prolapse took a whole year to get a lot worse so I know may sound crazy now but don't worry about a few days till your info comes - it will take time to change your posture.

One thing you could change now though that may not cause pain is to not bend at the waist. Bend like the women on the rice paddies as in from your hips so your belly is relaxed not squashed. I know you bend a lot with kids and I am sure this is what really hurt me a lot.

Can you pull up straight through your spine in a chair (not soft couch) without too much pain. If you can then start there. Relaxed belly. The standing part has taken in ages to grasp but the sitting was fine. Also sit cross legged on the floor or on your knees (like gesha girls) belly relaxed. Just some options. Try to do some deep breaths into your relaxed belly in what ever way is comfortable, sitting.

Try to sleep with no pillow - weird at first but after a few nights it feels normal - roll out of bed no abs to pull you up. Put a pillow between your knees for when you are on your side. I always wake up higher. This is the proper sleeping alignment so it will help your back.

Also when you go pee on the loo lean forward straight back pulled up through front of head, relaxed belly. Breathe in and out no pushing. weight forward if you can. You do this for number twos as well. This is important. I am sure you know no straining with a rectocele - even doctors say that and they don't say much that is useful. There are a lot of toilet tips on here. Also wait until you need to do down there you never push you do deep breathing in your belly.

Hope these practical tips help.

Remember organs live in our relaxed lower belly.

Also no sitting on a couch that tilts back at night, lye down or do child pose or something. I did lots damage on tilted back couch at night relaxing.

Activeandlapsed I will defo try all of thanks for your advice. I realised today that actaully walking relieved a lot of my back pain. I relaxed my belly not all the way cause then if have a Jelly bellyhanging. Btw one more thing why am I getting back and belly pains like cramps it's weird I feel like am on my period :(

Walking is great indeed, but you must do it in posture, and it will help you learn the posture. Relax the belly COMPLETELY, not just part way. A belly only partly relaxed is really not relaxed at all, if you think about it, because you are still holding the tension there, and cannot bellybreathe. Lift up the chest - that keeps the belly from "hanging". - Surviving

.........I would disagree with following Sierra as a model for this journey. She is not a post-partum mother. She is a high-powered fitness guru who does 6 Whole Woman workouts a day and has been studying body mechanics for years, though she is a newbie to prolapse and to this site. Her posts are great, but they will make your head spin and may make you think this posture thing is way more complicated than it is. This is not a sprint. Start with the basics of posture.....Christine explains everything quite well and this is a slow steady journey. Quick results are not necessarily lasting results, and there are many women here whose progress is much more typical of what you will experience as a young mother, with a dedication to learning and doing this work. - Surviving

Surviving60, You are right. My posts seem to resonate better with those further along in their journeys. I try not to post too much for the newbies. My posts about how I help my clients might be helpful though because my clients are the newbies; but don't try to understand what I am doing tweaking on myself as it's much further down the path of healing than a typical newbie.

I'm so happy you found WW! You've gotten some really great advice already and I'm so glad you are feeling calmer now. A couple of main points with Pop and WWW. #1. You are not alone. It's important to recognize the emotional component of pop. A pop discovery tends to send many of us into a tail spin emotionally- it certainly did me. Finding a way to return to a calm state is SO important- as stress alone can cause Pop to become more symptomatic. It helps knowing that you are absolutely not alone in this, there are so many of us on this journey with you and are here to help.
#2. This truly is a marathon, not a sprint, as Surviving said. It takes us years to develop pop and it can take a long time to recondition our bodies to protect our pops. Time is on your side and patience is required. If you can calm your mind, take a few deep breaths, and be at peace with knowing that this journey, though it takes time, will likely prove to be one of the most beneficial things you could ever do for your overall health you'll be in a great place. I think women begin to panic when things don't fall into place right away. There will be much tweaking along the way and that's both ok and typical.
As for back pain, I've had lower back pain off and on since I injured my back as a teenager. I wouldn't be able to tease apart pain from the injury, gradual loss of my lumbar curve and the development of my pop, but I can tell you that, having just entered my 3rd year of WWW, I pretty much never have back pain anymore....or knee pain. In fact, I found that the my first year of WWW did as much if not more for my skeletal system than it did for my pop. (Of course there were pop improvements, but it was my spine, knees, hips that really seemed to respond)
If you find that you are overly sore from the posture, I'd take the stretching breaks that have been suggested, another good one is getting on your elbows and knees, with belly relaxed and just do some deep breathing. Also, one of the mistakes I made in the beginning was to focus too much on my lumbar curve. I'd try to force it and end up sore as well. I now focus on thinking of a high pony tail being pulled up which forces my chin to tuck slightly and raises my chest. These actions obligate a lumbar curve without forcing it.
And finally, Surviving is correct, you must relax your belly completely. This is probably the *key* to WW posture success. A relaxed belly along with belly breathing is what forces those organs to be held in your lower belly, supported by pubic bones, and not forced back toward your vagina. The 'jelly belly hanging' aspect is one of those things we have to get over. Society conditions us to think that the female body is meant to have a 6 pack. We simply aren't. You might want to try experimenting in front of a mirror. Start with your old posture and breathing. Then relax your belly and breath there instead of your chest. Then really pull up into WW posture, relax your belly, breathe with your belly, but be very pulled up. When you are pulled up and belly breathing, it should help alleviate that sense that your belly is just 'hanging'. The belly part can be such a hang up for women. One of the things I do to divert attention from my belly is to layer my clothes, sometimes I'll wear long scarves and sometimes I'll loosely tie a sweater or something around my waist. It's never so tight that it impinges on my relaxed belly and abdominal breathing, but it helps take any focus off my belly. Hang in there, if you are willing to fully commit to WWwork, you'll do great! :)

Oh yeah I didn't mean follow Sierra as a newbie and do what she has been able to do with her body. I just meant that she was really angry and how much she has been able to see the hope in this in such a short time :o) Sorry should have clarified that one. Point taken.

So much info Mizunderstood. If you are confused by the posture as I was that is normal. You are already on a path to change. I kept looking at you tube and later my materials from Christine and then you will tweak this and ask that. Good luck you are in good company.

Thanks all I've already started on posture and been doing the whole day bit painful but I guess like u said it'll take time.

I am so glad to have found this place. I am 62 and managing a post-hyster prolapse. I have been using a pessary for several years and it has been a very choice. However, now it is "achey", if you will, and not as comfortable. I am researching new designs and look forward to learning about natural methods of managing, also. I would love to hear other's stories. There is so much, I am not sure if shame is the only word...embarrassment and plain old freaked out connected with this condition. I have had 5 vaginal births. I remember feeling that bulge....we were just leaving on a camping trip and I went to the bathroom. When I wiped, I felt that little bulge, heard my husband honking the horn for me to hurry up, and was convinced I was going to die in our tent due to my guts falling out. No one...NO ONE...had ever told me about this. I have 4 daughters and they all know. There is a certain "ick" factor but better that than complete ignorance. I look forward to meeting others here and discovering what other women think of wearing a pessary.

Hi gma15 and welcome,
We have had post hyst women come here to whole woman for help. You can use the search function to read of their stories. The achiness you are experiencing may be the result of using the pessary. Pessaries keep the vagina open when it should be a flat closed tube. Also, there can be rubbing from the pessaries causing soreness and pain.
Take some time to read about whole woman posture on this site. Although you don't have your uterus, if you take this work gently and slowly, there is hope that you too can find some relief with this work and learn to manage your symptoms. It also has the side benefit of helping our hips too!
Just wanted you to know we don't have the ick factor here. We talk about just about everything!
So please read around this site and get familiar with whole woman.

Who needs fb? I guess I could do a selfie of my prolapse but really....does it need to be done? I feel like I can be at home here. and ick factor! I look forward to learning and getting better. No more surgery for me.

Welcome gma15. I had an appointment for a pessary fitting then found this site and cancelled the appointment. I am improving on this more natural method of postural alignment and pleased that I have this alternative. We do share many "icky" things here and manage to feel better and laugh a little along the way. I'm sure that you'll find a lot of knowledge, experience and nurturing from these ladies. They're wonderful and the posture is what is helping me for now. They can guide you for your specific situation though. Again, welcome.

Hi gma15

After you have read a bit more if you feel like it the 'Saving the Whole Women' book is very good and has a self exam section. I didn't think about a selfie stick but you could use that but I am thinking you will get a better idea with your fingers (I know it can be scary) and it allows you to be standing as it gives a better picture than lying down.

How have you found it looking through here and reading the information? There are also some links on youtube - just type in whole women posture. Here is a link I like where Christine introduces the concept