Back from my Dr visit


Hi everyone. Well I went back to see the Dr today for the results of my test and they said I did not have urethra diverticula but I did have blocked skenes glands so they ended up having to open the glands up. Not a very fun thing to have done:(((((((((( My glands were so infected that I had an abcess that I had no idea I had. The Dr ended up cutting open the glands and draining it all out. He said I would have a hole in my glands for a few days until it healed ( which I have no idea how long that takes ) Now I am taking amoxcillin for a few days so I dont risk getting an infection, I'm still kinda worried about getting Toxic Shock Syndrome because they had to put gauze in me so the wound wouldn't get infected. He then went on to talk about my prolapsed uterus and I told him right away I wasn't interested in a hysterectomy but only natural cures. I go back to see him in a week to see if I am healing ok from that incision on my skenes glands. I am still wondering how I ended up in that position. Don't ever want to go through that pain again:))

Hugs to all!!


You poor soul! That must have been unpleasant to go thru. Get some rest and be careful down there. :) Hope ur feeling better.

Wow Ally…you’re going to feel SO MUCH better in short order! I, too, am sorry you had to suffer such an ordeal, but am very happy it wasn’t more serious. Thanks for sharing the experience with us – women here now know they have Skene glands!! Hugs back! :-)

All the best to you Ally!!! See, all that worrying for..................well not for nothing, but for something not as scarey as you have feared!
Rest and relax knowing that your are on your way back to health!
Big hugs.
Michelle xx

Sounded painful, but at least you now have an answer and are on the road to recovery.