Pessary use and vaginal estrogen cream


Since I am post-menopausal my doctor says that I need to use vaginal estrogen cream to thicken the walls of my vagina so as to tolerate being fitted and then using a pessary on a daily basis. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thoughts? Pros and cons? Would lubricant work just as well? Does the vagina get overstretched by using a pessary, so that you have to address that in the future?

When I was first diagnosed with a prolapse my gyno at the time told me the same thing. I changed doctors after a period of time. My second doctor told me to quit using the estrogen creme as they didn't recommend it anymore.
She fitted me with a different type of pessary. I have had to go to a larger size since then. She did say things change down there over time. I don't really know.
I use KY jelly as a lubricant and haven't had any problems with it.
Hope this helps.

I am post-menopausal as well, and I received the same recommendation from my doctor. She said that my vaginal tissues were pale and dry, and I should use estrogen cream with the pessary. However, I am quite concerned because a few years ago I received oral HRT and had a number of unpleasant results. I had irregular mammograms and had to return several times to see what was happening. I gained a lot of weight and also got a large number of small skin polyps. Suffice it to say that I was not happy with these side effects and was happy to give up HRT when the news broke that it really didn't help and might harm the cardio vascular system. However, now I am quite concerned about using estrogen cream. Does anyone know how much of the estrogen is absorbed into the bloodstream? How does the amount of circulating estrogen absorbed by the vagina compare to the amount usually taken orally? What are the risks of uterine cancer when using an estrogen cream?