Azo Bladder Control with Go-Less



I used the "search" box and looked up Azo, and I found out that they make a home-test product to diagnose bladder infections, but I didn't find any discussion of a bladder control product. In my local newspaper there was a coupon for the product and the ad says that it is "new". I went to the Azo website and it says, "AZO Bladder Control is a unique blend of pumpkin seed and soy isoflavones demonstrated to support healthy bladder function and provide round-the-clock bladder support.* Pumpkin seed and soy isoflavones both support or maintain the strength of the muscles of the bladder that can help to alleviate the fear, worry and potential embarrassment of occasional urgency and frequency.* Pumpkin seed supports the bladder muscles integrity and function and helps keep your bladder working as it should.* Isoflavones help to relax the bladder muscle and help sustain muscular strength in the pelvic floor - the muscles you use to control the flow.* These ingredients have been used safely and effectively in traditional medicine for centuries. Now it’s your turn to experience their healthful benefits with AZO Bladder Control".

I have a cystocele, which I found in the beginning of the year. I have been doing the WWP since then. I also have had overactive bladder which was becoming worse over the years, and I finally went to a urologist during the summer of 2013. I was completely unable to take Vesicare because of the "cognitive impairment" listed as one of the side effects. I don't normally have any kind of memory problems, so I stopped taking it after about 3 weeks. I started Myrbetrix, but due to my other health issues last year I stopped taking it because one of its side effects is hypertension. I did have hypertension after my surgery, but that could have been due to my pain levels, or it could have been due to the Mybetrix. I don't normally have hypertension, and I don't have it now. By the time I got back to the urologist, I had found my cystocele, and she recommended me to a uro-gynegolgist.

I have no interest in returning to her practice. My question is whether anyone has had experience using this product, or do any of you think that this is "smoke and mirrors", and I could get the same results eating pumpkin seeds and edamame?

The ad says that Go-Less is a registered trademark of Frutarom, Belgium NV.



Bridge, I don't know anything about this product, except that it certainly sounds safer than Vesicare or other pharmaceutical "solutions" for bladder issues. Though I don't necessarily think that pumpkin seeds and soy are the answer either. Are you peeing large quantities, or is it more of just an urge? Are you diligent about WW posture all the time? Moving the organs into proper position and keeping them there as much as possible, is always the first and most important solution to try. - Surviving


Fear not S60, from the time I get up in the morning, until I go to bed, I am constantly trying to stay in the WWP. I now stand in the posture, I sit in posture, and I urinate in the posture the best that I can. I am getting a lot better at emptying my bladder completely. There are times that I constantly have the feeling that I have to urinate. I follow all of the recommendations: no spices, no caffeine and I avoid foods that can aggravate the situation.

Actually my urine output is about 1500 milliliters daily, which is normal, but I tend toward the dehydration end of the range. I know this because my iron and creatinine tests have been skewed in the past because I was slightly dehydrated when the blood was taken.

Like others on the forum, I went through the grief stages that I was never going to be like I was before because my bladder had decided to "run away from its home". However, unlike the younger women on this forum, I think that it is easier to accept when one is a little older.

I did go out and buy the Go-Less at "Wally World" (not sure if I should be writing the name of the giant retailer) and it cost about $18.00 for a box of 54. I got a $3.00 coupon out of the newspaper. It is certainly cheaper than Vesicare and Myrbetrix (those medications aren't even covered by many insurance companies because they are so expensive).

To summarize, with my cystocele, it is easy for me to function because no one really knows that I have a cystocele unless I tell them. With overactive bladder, everyone knows that I have an OB because I'm running to the restroom all of the time. I would like to get the constant feeling of needing to urinate under control. I started the Go-Less last evening, and it may just be a placebo effect, but I do feel a little better. After I finish all 54 capsules, I'll be better able to inform you if I think that it is working. If this does work for me, I will be elated. I can't imagine that long-term use of soy and pumpkin seeds could be as dangerous as anticholinergics or antimuscarinics.


Hi there Bridge,

I am wondering if the Go-Less has strengthened your muscles and did all that it was advertised to do?
My mom is having cognitive difficulties and holding the posture is next to impossible so I am looking for options that REALLY work to help her with incontinence.