have a wonderful evening for the joyous opening of the center! It sounds as though it will be so much fun, eating, music, dancing.............only wish we could all be there too! Congratulations!

Christine--how exciting the event you have spent somuch time preparing for has now arrived. May you have a response that gives you joy. I echo mickuo in wishing we could be there. Oh, thanks for the baton--I love it and use it all the time!

Good Luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Good luck Christine!


Congratulations and best wishes for every success.
You deserve it.

Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear about the grand opening event. Thank you, Christine, for working so hard to manifest your vision for the Whole Woman Center. I truly hope to be able to visit you and thank you in person some time in the very near future.


It was just extraordinary. All my dearest friends showed up and we had the time of my life. Elena served the most wonderful, beautiful food I've ever experienced - 2 different raviolis with two different sauces, arugula/beet salad, braised asparagus, breads, and cannoli for dessert - all organic, vegan and made by hand.

The Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce gave a presentation as I cut a ribbon with a GIANT pair of scissors out front of the Center. My husband gave the most beautiful speech - all about what it's taken to get here - and there was nary a dry eye about.

The music was awesome. My very beautiful daughter on violin and her gifted singer/songwriter friend Kate provided the early music before the Celtic band got us all up on our feet dancing.

People were generally wrapping it up by nine or so, but then a few of us went over to my neighbor John's house for an impromtu jam and drumming session. The singing and playing there was nothing less than angelic. I think I got to bed at about three or so and have never been so happy in my life!

I wish you all could've been here! We'll post pics later today...the Whole Woman Center was definitely christened - and it's going to take all day to clean up the mess!

Lots of love,


p.s. Bless you, Flora, for still being with us!! I feel such a sense of family here.

Awesome Christine! Thank you for being here for us!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring, Everyone!

My daughter and her friend Kate are still here with us and we’re going to go hiking today. I’m still waiting for a couple of pictures that the Chamber of Commerce took of the ribbon cutting, which I’d like to post with the rest…so…it will probably be tomorrow before that project gets completed.

I hope you all have a very beautiful day today. Remember that health and wholeness have the same root meaning and what a blessing it is to have them both.



Christine, i'm so happy for you that you're centre has opened, i really hope some day i'll get to visit and meet the inspirational woman who's empowered so many and started a revolution!

Best Wishes

Anne-helen :-)

Sorry we don't have hyperlink yet...still working on it.


Congratulations on the opening of the Wholewoman Centre (Center?). It must be a bit like giving joyful birth to another baby but without the side effects. Wonderful ... I can see worldwide franchises in my crystal ball! I wonder if there should be a WWC next to every KFC in the world. Then we might get somewhere!



Oh, Christine, the photos are great. Thanks so much for sharing them, it looked like a joyous time was had by all. The WWC looks beautiful and I wish you much success!!

I love the way you're holding the posture during the ribbon cutting! Beautiful!

Love and light,

Just checked out the pics. :) The WW center looks inviting, calming, and spiritual. Think many of us here need a place like this to retreat to. Enjoy this whole experience. It must be a beautiful feeling to see your dreams come true. Best Wishes!!!

Thanks so much for all your well-wishes. Now the real work begins in drumming up business! Just between "us" - lol - I'm a bit overweight and had no idea this thing was going to morph into a workout for all women! The amazing thing is that all I ever wanted to be when I was young was this kind of teacher...I just never dreamed it would be possible - and certainly not in this way! The universe works in mysterious ways!