Postures while gardening?


My Mom asked me to ask these two questions.

When she is pulling out weeds from the flower bed, is it bad to stand over them and bend down with her legs apart, or is it best to kneel on the lawn and pull them out? I think she is concerned that standing over the flower bed bending down might worsen prolapse a bit.

She also wants to know whether it is acceptable for her to use the lawn mower, which is a basic electric lawn mower, or is that too much strain? It is a fairly small lawn. She says she doesn't feel any strain when she is actually using it.


Test it and see if it feels worse. If it feels 'draggy' then alter what you are doing.

I would kneel and pull out weeds as that is better for balance etc

But she wants to live WELL with this prolapse - So she does not want to alter her life to be something that she HATES. So altering a small thing can help or make life dull and dreary...

So - once you get the posture down and you alter the small things - then things seem to just fall into line.

So - personally - I would say 'try it and see'




Thanks very much. I showed your reply to my Mum. I think she feels slightly more comfortable when kneeling and doing the weeding. She agrees with your views.