Hello new person here with a few questions!



I'm three months postpartum with my second baby.. he was really fast being born, barely made it to hospital and he came out within 13 mins of pushing. A few weeks later I noticed a bulge and feeling a sensation like a tampon was coming out. The doctor and hospital gynocologist after internal examinations have said it's just a grade 1 cystocele and that it can get better with kegels (pelvic floor excercises we call them in UK!) and I've been referred for physio. They also say it may naturally improve in the postpartum period. Some days I feel better and some worse. I know it's only a mild diagnosis but it still feels uncomfortable and I'm terrified of it not improving or worse still getting worse. Still don't feel I can run about with my kids or do anything that might agravate it. I"ve ordered the book and looking forward to learning about posture etc. My main question is can I carry on with kegels alongsdie the posture work.. as everyone had unanimously recommended them I'd be scared to completely give them up? I also read somewhere that redheads don't ever improve with their prolapses.. is that true? Any redheads out there?!

Many thanks!!

worried redhead mummy!

Hi Redhead Mummy,
Welcome here to you and congratulations on your baby! It seems there are lots of us English girls here! I wont go into my entire story again as I have posted it many times. I personally feel, (I am not sure that Christine would agree), that kegels are very important in us post partum Mums and as a result I still do them though not tons, perhaps five sets of ten held for ten seconds during the day. I have had PT and this has helped with the strength. I make sure though that I do them with the nutated spine Christine speaks of and I do the posture as much as possible too. I think prolapse post partum has as much to do with everything being so stretched out, and as a result working on muscle tone is important for me. I have noticed significant tightening over the past month or so which has I believe helped my condition. Again, this is simply my own personal opinion. I also have read that outcomes for red heads are not as good and though I am not a red head I wouldn't let that worry you too much. I read somewhere that prolapse gets worse over the three months post partum and this is definitely NOT the case for me, things are so much better now and I am almost 12 weeks PP. I have read lots of things and have come to realise that everyone is totally different and we can't base our results, good or not so good on all that we read elsewhere! :) I can totally relate to your anxiety and this is a hard thing to cope with with a little baby. I have really stayed close to home and enjoyed my children more as a result of not over doing it the way I would had this not happened! Take care and enjoy your little ones!

Thanks loads for your reply! that's really encouraging. Where can I find your story? I've just been for my first shopping trip, has been the longest I've been on my feet since having baby and although I really had to put my feet up when I got back I don't feel as bulgy as I thought I would which is great. I too have really enjoyed this baby.. ironically I've found it easier than with the last, just been gutted that the prolapse has robbed me a bit of my happiness in it all, but as everyone says, it's so worth it. As I was walking back to the carpark today and feeling a bit heavy, I saw a lady with no legs out on the street selling the big issue.. I thought to myself what a legend! If she can keep going like that then surely I can try to make the most of what I've got too. Anyhow.. I'm babbling now. Really good to find this site. Everyone I've talked to about this has either looked at me blankly or looked at me like I'm wierd, so I've been feeling like a bit of a freak so far.

Esther (red head mum)

Dear Esther,
I am so totally with you in all your sentiments and I too felt that my absolute joy with my perfect natural and easy delivery and baby was diminished with the prolapse and also felt so different to everyone else out there! You are not alone. (You can read my story in this section, called "Can post partum prolapse REALLY get better" So you see, I too have been where you are now!) I truly believe that things will get better for you, give yourself time to heal and go easy on yourself. Post Partum prolapse can improve for up to a year after delivery. I am fast coming to the conclusion that many, many women who have delivered vaginally have at the very least SOME degree of prolapse and don't even realise it most of the time. Take care!! Michelle.

''many, many women who have delivered vaginally have at the very least SOME degree of prolapse and don't even realise it most of the time.''

That is exactly what My Gynae told me recently...


Yeah Sue!
I am seriously considering going into womens health for this very reason. I have a strong interest in this area now and I am intrigued to see how many women out there have asymptomatic prolapse, or even symptomatic prolapse they are struggling with silently. (Not that prolapse that is asymptomatic is even an issue). I think there is a HUGE need for enlightened, consistent and informed care out there and would be willing to give it a go. It has been SO frustrating for me to hear all the conflicting opinions related to my prolapse. Women deserve better than this. I'm not sure where to start but will see where it takes me.......................
P.S Esther, were you shopping at Sainsbury's? I SO miss Sainsbury's!!! :)

You've found the right place! There is so much here in terms of healing and hope. It's a very hopeful place and supportive, too. Personally, I do kegels everyday, using the kegelmaster (resistance device). Some here have said they think it's a gimmick, but I feel that I'm getting stronger with it's use. I will say, however, that the core of my work and healign is Christine's posture work. It has made the biggest difference in terms of symptoms. I would recommend getting her book and absorbing as much info on this site as possible. And, congrats on your baby! I, too, suffered prolapse afte rthe birth of my now one year old, our third child. For whatever reason, it didn't show up til almost 8 mos. post partum. Lots of healing for your recovery, and treasure that newborn period!


People like you NEED to go into health related jobs...

This is because the people in these jobs know nothing of posture... It's all Kegel yourself to death (And I did in the beginning)

It was only when I found out 'less is more' that things started looking up. I do believe Kegels help the leaking problem - As it has helped me immensely (Since i stopped kegeling myself to death)

But I really think that if WOMEN ruled the medical world - It would be a far far better place to be in. Not just 'slash and dash' (Operation and goodbye) It would be talk talk talk then talk some more then an Operation only if really needed. Men like to slash first and then again if no1 didn't work.

We really need to get this Posture 'out there' so all women have access to a new Idea... And all 'cures' are Ideas in the beginning.

I never believed it would help - It sounded too simple too weird - And took me so so long to understand this Posture. But I know something has changed and my period is due tomorrow or Sunday and not one iota of that evil dragging sensation have I had - Nothing. I know it is still there and it is a bit lower (Mainly cos I keep checking lol)


Stands up like in Alcoholics anonymous

Takes deep breath.....

''I am living well with prolapse''

sits down



It was yes! There's one just up the road from us. Getting all my bits and pieces for Easter roast.. are you in the USA now?


Hi Sue

When you say 'less is more' on the kegels.. how many was too many.. and how many was just right for you?


300 (yes three hundred) a day long holds too
Now i do about 25-40 holds for count of five - and maybe a couple of longer ones if i can be bothered (i remember before we would be out in the car and i would holdddddddddddddd till I got a certain distance down the road - lol)

Now things are so much easier - and for a helluva lot less work!


Thanks Michelle.. wanted to know from you, and anyone else how you cope with down days.. when things feel saggy it's such a horrible sensation. It preoccupies my mind, I don't feel like doing anything (which is impossible with a new baby and 3 year old), I feel like crying, get snappy with kids and husband. Feel like it's unfair it's happened to me (I'm only 29) and feel like I'm so old before my time. Like I could cope with this if it was 20 years later but can't cope now and that it'll count me out of things I want to do with my life. I know there are good days too, and I'm also grateful that so far my condition is pretty mild... and I haven't even started the posture work yet so I'm hopeful, but want to know how other ladies handle these feelings at times?

Believe me - I never believed this posture thing could work.

I never believed something so simple could make me feel so normal again!

Tomorrow can be Day1 for you. And in a few weeks - You will never look back.

Down days - Look forward and never look back. Think before you do anything too strenuous (Hard I know) And take it as easyyyyyyyy as you are able


Sounds yummy Esther! Where do you live in the UK?
Yes, I live in Arizona and have for 7 years now! I do like it but of course get homesick too! Easter is a BIG deal at home isn't it, four day weekend, Sunday roast and all. Don't get any days off here for easter :( We do get a long weekend for Thanksgiving though which is great :)

I have had MANY down days emotionally Esther, believe me! I have cried and cried and for the first few weeks did very little except for playing with my baby and toddler and staying close to home. I felt so fragile and broken somehow! I have to say that I have been lucky in that I haven't (touch wood), had any symptoms as such, none of the "falling out feeling" others speak of though I am paranoid every little twinge I get "down there" and after I was told I had the cystocele felt like I had to pee all the time for a day or so. I think that was all in my mind, the mind is a very powerful thing I am learning which can be good and not so good.
I used to run, a lot, and the feelings of loss were and are very real for me and I, like you, felt like this thing would change my life forever. I think that there is a very real grieving stage everyone seems to go through at first. I have moved beyond that a bit now and walk every day, (in posture), and function pretty normally. I do intend to run again, though I am not sure that I will be running marathons. (To be honest I am not sure that I would have time to train the way I did before kids anyway as it was very time consuming and my family is now my priority). I think on reflection this thing has been good in a way as it has forced me to sit and enjoy my two beloved little girls during these months as they grow up so fast.
I have felt very isolated from other women around me and this still persists to some degree and I still get down but not nearly as much. The postural work has really helped me to believe that I am doing something positive to stabilise and improve this. I could be so much worse off in so very many ways and I am truly thankful for my wonderful husband, little girls and doggies!!!! This has really made me question my priorities and that has been such a good thing.
So, I am a work in progress. Of course I wish this hadn't happened and although I wouldn't wish this on anyone else, I often wish I could actually reach out and speak to another person this has happened to as I still feel isolated somewhat from my other friends. Prolapse really is a great deal more common than we think though you know!
I strongly encourage you to start the postural work and incorporate it into your life....................it really helps and can do no harm, believe me! Many women say it helps that "saggy" feeling no end! Remember you are not alone and we all feel down at times, that is completely normal I think. Sorry for the Looooong response! :)
Sending you extra special hugs Esther and have a lovely Sunday roast!

Thanks for the encouragement.. just starting out on the posture although not entirely got my head round it yet. The book is on its way so hopefully I'll understand a bit more then. Also used to find alot of relief in putting my feet up for a bit and missing that. Just finished my Easter roast though and everyone seemed to enjoy! Tried to enjoy watching my little girl do her easter egg hunt in the garden and not let prolapse spoil it for me, it's difficult though!

PS I live just south of London

Remember Esther, it really is a process of coming to terms and accepting a new situation and it is early days yet for you, (and me too!) Give yourself time and be gentle with yourself. My husband said something to me that helped, "Everything's still there, its just in a slightly different place".
Michelle. xxxxx

This is the latest diagnosis of my situation. Is there anybody worse than me among you? The new doctor I consulted some weeks ago was against the pessay, but he did not believe much in "stabilizing" the prolapse. Anyway, I will keep on working on the posture and let you know. Best wishes to everybody.


I think we are all in approximately the same boat and many of us are quite comfortable.

Hi there, I've been reading your posts and meaning to add a comment and some support. Finally got a minute! I think a lot of healing does go on quite naturally in the months after you've had a baby. Thinking back to how I felt post-partum after each delivery, and then thinking how I was a year down the line, there was a massive improvement each time.
Personally I found doing kegels pretty helpful - while they may not change the upper areas affected by prolapse, I found they did help me regain control of the lower bits, and I've never felt they worsened the condition.
I'm still feeling my way with all this, trying to make sure I look after my body in the years approaching menopause, as I know that's the time problems can resurface for a lot of women.
I hope you're feeling better about your body.

That's lovely to hear your encouragement Wendy I'm three months post partum and have been feeling down that I've seen no improvement yet, but starting to understand that it can take up to a year to see things change. I am doing kegels, and I'm also starting the posture and maybe going to have a go at pilates so long as it doesn't take me out of posture too much. Trying to stay hopeful. Today feels better than yesterday which was horrible. Starting to bulge a little more towards the end of the day but I guess that's to be expected.

Thanks again very much.. will keep you posted and so glad things improved for you throughout your childbearing!


I am writing just to say that I've just come back from a short trip to Camargue. Well, I had to go to public toilets, no WC but "Turkish style" as we call them in Italian, and I must thank you for all the information I gathered on this site that made me "courageous" and aware that these kind of toilets in reality are really better than our Wc.
FURTHERMORE, I had the courage, after so many years, to climb once more on a backhorse - just a walk, I know that more than that may be harmful, but it was so good not being scared and enyoing those beautiful landscapes !


I am writing just to say that I've just come back from a short trip to Camargue. Well, I had to go to public toilets, no WC but "Turkish style" as we call them in Italian, and I must thank you for all the information I gathered on this site that made me "courageous" and aware that these kind of toilets in reality are really better than our Wc.
FURTHERMORE, I had the courage, after so many years, to climb once more on a backhorse - just a walk, I know that more than that may be harmful, but it was so good not being scared and enyoing those beautiful landscapes !


and it must have been wonderful to get back on a horse. As for the toilets - yes, I guess we have to stop thinking of holes in the ground as the primitive option and realise they're not a bad design!
I've had a bit of an epiphany myself since finding this site, reading Christine's book and going on to read some other literature about the pitfalls of hysterectomy. Essentially, I've regained a lot of sexual confidence; realised I'm not unusual in having a cystocele; am grateful it doesn't really get in the way of what I want to do in my life; and am extremely glad to be learning how to look after myself so hopefully I'll never feel the need to have surgery.
What's your own situation?

Oh, is that what Turkish style restrooms are?! I was wondering if you or anyone feels strain around the vaginal area when you squat to pee or poop? Does it make things feel like popping out? I just notice that when I squat up and down to feed my toddlers on the run I feel my cervix lower. Just wondering if this is unusual?

But I think that's quite common... I feel like that and have read about others that have that.

Sound great, Ornella!

I've been cautious about recommending riding because we have had I think one woman tell us it made her condition worse. Hard for me to understand, though, since the straddle position with the lumbar curve in place causes anatomically correct alignment of the organs. Sounds like a wonderful vacation!


I definitely feel worse if I squat. I try to avoid that position all together. I feel a lot more comportable in a semi squat with arms on my thighs.

Understanding why is important. When we are in a half squat the tailbone is raised and the organs pushed to the front. In a full squat the tailbone is pulled under and the organs pulled away from the front and therefore less supported.

This is basically waht I think: any discomfort the prolapses may cause (and the actually do) vanish at the thought of being cut by the surgeons. Thanks to this site I can manage the bladder retention problem (and I wish I knew how while I was pregnant), and I do not feel alone with this problem, which was really a saddening thing before. Only I am sad because with the third baby things have gotten so bad that I do not wish any more kids, but this is part of the problem of accepting the fact thet sooner or later we have to stop anyway, so ...

I have had two surgeries it has been 12 weeks since the last one and the first one was in Feb I feel the prolapse again, and I am very worried, although it is not real bad as of yet, I hope it stays where it is, Is there anything I can do?

I'm assuming you've had two surgeries to repair cystocele? I am so sorry that you are feeling that again. I have not had surgery, and I hope Christine can chime in here, because I do not understand how those surgeries change the anatomy. Perhaps the posture (see the home page www.wholewoman.com) can help support your organs. I wish you well.

Hi Beverly,

I wish I had some suggestions. This work is built upon trust in the natural design of the female pelvic support system. That's why I've been able to assure women if they will return to their natural design, their prolapse symptoms will recede to one degree or another. We have built into our basic design structure the ability to respond to prolapse if that structure has not been surgically altered. The word certainly needs to get out that recurrent prolapse of the front vaginal wall is almost ubiquitous after reconstructive surgery. And that only stands to reason given the prolapsing organ, the bladder, has not shifted its position, but only is being held back by now stretched and thinned vaginal tissue. In addition, the naturally open, fascia-lined space in between the vagina and bladder has been obliterated and the two structures must now function as one. That means whatever your bladder is doing your front vaginal wall is obliged to do because they are surgically fused - if you've had classic anterior colporrhaphy.

You may have to just be with the bulge and see how you do over time. I wish I had more encouraging words, but these are the hard truths of pelvic reconstructive surgery. Perhaps the newly built barracade will be strong enough to prevent a severe prolapse, but only time will tell.

Wishing you well,


Dear Beverly,

You poor thing ~ I feel really bad for you what you've been through. Two surgeries -- my God! I have primary cystocele and have been managing just fine with the postures, good food, proper exercise (& rest) and using the sea sponges for support while standing. I purchase them via the internet www.pandorapads.com. FYI: These sponges (meant for menstrual flow) work great to support the cystocele if you position them correctly, up and over the pelvis. Make sure you clean them thoroughly each evening and let them air dry. You can also find other sites on the links section of the home page of this wonderful site. Listen Beverly, we are all in the same boat here. You must realize by now that the surgeons do not hold the golden key to our health and well being. Unfortunately, they are not the Wizard of Oz -- they do not have an answer for you in their "bag of tricks". They all lead us to believe they can help, when they are really only smoke and mirrors. I feel sad that you were led to believe otherwise. Take good care of yourself and rest when your body tells you to. Look at the tips section for ways to empty the bladder completely (common problem with cystocele), and if you get frequent bladder or UTI's -- use D-Mannose to make sure your body doesn't harbor any bacteria. I buy mine online again at www.thecompounder.com. I've used other brands before including ClearTractUTI, but the brand this site sells seem to work the quickest. Be well, April