Introducing My Mom


My Mom is 70, she is very fit and active, she swims, goes to dance classes and takes healthy eating seriously. She is in very good shape for her age in my view and the doctors view too.

She isn't very good with using the web so I decided to register on this forum for her and try and get some support.

I found your book Saving the Whole Woman on Amazon and ordered it for her.

My Mom says it's a good book and she's read it twice now. She's not sure about some of the exercises, but has already started doing doing some of them everyday without fail.

Basically I do not want my mom to have any surgery unless there is no other option for her. My own view is that surgery for this is bullshit, eventhough I am a guy and therefore can't understand what it feels like, it sounds to me like a crap solution that meddles with womens bodies.

I haven't read the book but I've flicked through some of it. I think Christine is doing a really good job, her work is really worthwhile.

I guess I'll ask some of my moms questions tommorrow.

Almost forgot, where is this Healing Posture download, that's mentioned in the description of the Bodywork forum?

Thanks for sharing your mom's story. What a wonderful son you are!

Welcome! I hope your mom soon becomes comfortable with using this forum because she is in for all kinds of helpful information. I'm about her age and it took some doing for me to venture into this myself but it has been well worth it. I don't know the correct technical terminology but can tell you that there is lots of information on posture in the Bodywork forum. Try the thread "Posture" under Bodywork for some great info and also the thread "Kegelmaster?" which you will find on page two of the back Bodywork threads. Under "Posture" you can download an actual drawing of the standing posture which I refer to fairly often myself. There are other places but I can't tell you how to find them. Those will give you a great start.

I was actually quite a disobedient boy, but you see I've already lost my dad, and I'm not letting my mum go downhill for something that is preventable.

The good thing about my mom is that she has a good attitude about wanting to improve her condition and get rid of it - I think that will help.

One thing that disturbs me is the medical establishment. My Mom showed me the letter the consultant wrote her after her visit. The guy could not even spell the name of her condition correctly!

What kind of surgeon is it who can't even spell 'CYSTOCELE' correctly, I mean what kind of job is he going to perform?

Anyway nice to meet the other people on the forum