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I am going to the beach soon. My favorite activity is walking the beach and picking up sea shells to take back to daycare kids. With 3 prolapses going on - uterine, rectal, and bladder does anyone have any advice. I know to try the whole woman posture when walking but should I squat to pick up a shell or what?

Hello and welcome 56,

Bend at your hips, keeping your knees as straight as possible. Keep your head in line with your spine, in other words, don't crane your neck up. Feel the wonderful sensation of dropping your pelvic organs into the pocket of your lower belly, where they belong. Understand that stretching the hamstring muscles at the back of your thighs in this way helps leverage the body into WW posture. Many of our programs include hinging forward at the hips in this manner. We keep the knees straight, not bowed backward, and try to bend forward without pushing our bottom way out the back. Distribute your weight evenly over three points on the soles of your feet - below the big toe, below the little toe, and in the center of the heel. This strengthens the abdominal musculature.

To look at something interesting in the sand, place your feet comfortably apart and squat all the way down, keeping high on the balls of your feet with full lumbar curve in place. Let your lower belly come out over your thighs as you strongly lift your chest, keeping your shoulders down (not back) and lengthening the back of your neck by pulling your chin in and down. It is a luscious stretch.

Enjoy the beach!


Thank you Christine, it is good to know one can still enjoy life with prolapse. New to this all and working with your materials I received this week.

I'm 55 and have just been told I have a prolasped bladder... I'm not sure whats next as my doctor said when I'm ready to give up work then come back and he will operate, not before as it will be a waste of his time... I have done some reading only more confused than ever.... I believe there are stages and have no idea as what stage I'm at.... what can I do, can you help I'm feeling so lost and very lonely....

Hi treesgreen and welcome.
The best thing you can do for yourself right now is start reading. The whole woman site has a huge wealth of information that will make this all so much clearer for you. Go to the tool bar at the top and start clicking. Most of us don't worry about stages, because our organs are always on the move. I go by how I feel on any given day, and if I am feeling especially bulgey, I will really kick it into gear.
Christine's methods are noninvasive and have helped so many of us gain back our confidence that was lost in first finding our prolapse. The key here is whole woman posture. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you will be feeling better about yourself.
Best wishes to you!

Hi Treesgreen. Aging gracefully is right about checking out Christine's methods on whole woman posture, her exercises, and info. And isn't aging gracefully a beautiful name with a wonderful attitude. I picked mine during a depressed time when I just found out about my bladder, rectal, and uterus prolapse. I am new to all this, having been working on posture and the exercises on the DVD for prolapse for about 2 weeks. I try to do the exercises 4 times a week. Still can't do all the moves but am learning slowly. I have 2 long days at daycare where I work 9-10 hours and do find my uterus slips down repeatedly by afternoon and I have to keep pushing it up. I don't lift the kids anymore and try to sit more. Hate the bulgy feeling but then I have days where nothing bothers me down there and boy am I happy. I am having two great days in a row, yeah! I now break up my errands and housework. No longer superwoman. I try to listen to my body and when I get a chance I will lay down for a little bit. New lifestyle, good days and bad days, but what a support system one has on this forum. And I know that feeling of lost because no one I know is dealing with prolapse and I guess it is not talked about. So I love this forum. Take care.

I will be away for a few weeks; a slow plane to China of all places. Will be in touch again when I get back. A bit scared, but when a girl's gotta go, a girl's gotta go.
love to all, Fab

Holy moly! Hope all goes well for you. Check back in when you return. Love love love - Surviving

Safe travels, dear fab!!

I hope your plane fight goes ok. When I flew overseas I had periods then. I was 43 years old. When I was overseas I had a lot of bleeding and spotting. Sometimes the body clock changes a bit I suppose. Also I had a prolapse when I was 56 years old. It was awful and I still wish I didn't have it. Anyway enjoy your journey. I wish I was going away for awhile.

Hi Fab,
Bon Voyage & have a lovely time.

Hi 56 - yes this is a wonderful forum - have been here for nigh on 2 yrs now
- welcome to you, 56, treesrgreen & all the other ladies...

In our journey together,
Best wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister

Aussie Soul Sister, I like your sign off. We are in a journey and with the forum's help we are able to be together on support. Thanks for your welcome.

How exciting! Please travel safely and tell all upon your return! Love and hugs from Christine.

Enjoy every minute!

So I am still trying to master the posture, which may be a little tougher with my pregnant belly at the moment. But will toddlers in the house, I am bending over ALL THE TIME. And I can't figure which way to come back up. Specifically the right muscle groups. I am in the habit of using my stomach muscles to help my upper body back up, even when I have my butt stuck out to keep my pelvis tilted forward properly. This is because I have a few loose pelvis even when I am not pregnant, and my sacroiliac "joint" will end up hurting later. In fact I have a belt I wear sometimes.
So my thought was, do you breath in on the way down into a bend to help pin organs against the front wall and breath out as you squeeze stomach muscles on the way up? Or is it all supposed to be back muscles with stomach loose the whole time?
I may be picking this apart too anally, but I was trained by my PT instructor to breath out during any exertion to prevent extra pressure on my bladder. Need to know how I am supposed to do this so I can make it a habit.
All I have been able to find so far is the instructions on where you hinge, not on specific muscle groups

Christine answered this question on another thread with Proverbs31Mama: