Prolapse and haemorrhoids?


I just wondered if anyone else suffers from haemorrhoids as a result of the increased pressure in the pelvis due to prolapse? This was what initially triggered my interest in this area as I get very painful piles, especially around the time of a period. I realised that they were exacerbated by the prolapse during menstruation, when everything gets heavier (at other times the prolapse - cystocele - is mild and doesn't really bother me; even less now that I know how common it is!). As I'm getting older (45) periods have become frequent, with my cycle being about 21 days - so the symptoms occur more frequently and it impacts on my feeling of well-being. I'd no idea till recently just how painful piles could be.

Does anyone else have this problem and/or have any tips for what in particular alleviates it. I'm already finding that having a very natural diet is helping, as is the advice on adopting more of a squatting position when going to the loo.

I have had several children, and everything that might contribute to prolapse and piles: multiple birth, episiotomy, forceps delivery, and - with my last son - an induced birth with a very rapid final stage of labour due to being speeded up with syntocinon. All things considered, I think I've got off quite lightly, as I do look after my body and posture. But I'm concerned about how menopause might change things, and I'm grateful for Christine's book, this site and any advice on how to better take care of myself.


I know nothing of piles but you sound so much like me lol...

I have had 3 children, and everything that might contribute to prolapse : multiple birth, episiotomy, forceps delivery, and - with my last daughter - an induced birth.

Hi Wendy,
I too get painful heaemorrhoids at times. I am post menopausal so only get them now if I let myself get constipated.
When my haemorrhoids bother me I use Hamaelis Creme. It helps to sooth them. I also have a cushion that has a cut out at the back so that when I sit there is no pressure on my haemorrhoids.
Hamamelis Creme is mostly composed of witch hazel. If I run out of the creme I put a little witch hazel on a cotton swab and swab the haemorrhoids several times a day
I get my creme at a health food store. You can probably get it at some drug stores.
Hope this helps.

Sue, I'm glad to hear you don't have piles, despite the birth interventions! Mine date back to when I had triplets back in 1986. I was delighted to have a normal delivery - despite the interventions - and healthy babies - who are now just about grown-up! I healed very well at the time and didn't really get problems until after I had my last son 4 years ago. It's amazing how resilient our bodies are.

Flora, thanks for the tips. I will give the hamamelis cream a try. I think you're right and avoiding constipation is really important.

I bet that was hard work :)


Sorry Sue, only just spotted your comment about triplets! V. hard in the early years, it's true. They're all at university now, though, & wonderful young women. My little boy's 4, and it's a bit like having an only child this time because there's such a gap! Lovely, though.

Well, as painful haemorrhoids were what originally got me to look into the whole prolapse issue and work out what was happening in my body (and find this site, and Christine's book of course, for which I'm extremely grateful), I thought I'd give you an update.
I've been really careful about my diet these last couple of months, and that is definitely paying off. Don't want to overlap too much with the "food" forum, or repeat what I've already said, but basically keeping a "light" bowel and avoiding constipation by eating wholefoods, drinking plenty of water, and steering clear of caffeine and alcohol is working really well.
I've also been careful about posture and I think that's helped too. I also exercise every day and find that essential to keeping strong and keeping my bowel problems at bay.
What's been really interesting, though, is noticing how hormones affect things. After several weeks with no real problems with either prolapse or haemorrhoids, I got a flare-up a few days ago, feeling "heavy" in the pelvis, and my piles suddenly bleeding. I remembered a couple of women mentioning that ovulation can make things worse, so I dug out my old ovulation test sticks (from when I was planning my last child), and there it was: I was ovulating. (That was quite nice to know, in itself, as at 45 you can't take it for granted that everything's still working!)
Now I'm waiting to see how things will be in the lead-up to my next period, as I wonder if months when I ovulate trigger more symptoms than months when I don't.
It's fascinating to learn more about my own body in this way, when previously I thought my prolapse and bowel problems happened much more randomly.
Does anyone else notice a definite link between ovulation and worsening symptoms?