Is it possible to overdo the lumbar curve when standing in posture?


I must admit, that although I think I'm relatively intelligent, I don't get all of the anatomical intricacies of the postures, although it makes basic sense to me. At first, I got incredible relief from the pressure of the prolapse when I started doing the standing and sitting postures.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, after a bout of illness with the baby and 24/7 carrying for a week or so, I started feeling more pressure again. I started overstating the posture, but it didn't help to get things feeling more stable. So, today, I played with a more relaxed curve, not overemphasizing it, and actually seemed to feel more stable carrying baby.

I know Christine is on sabbatical, but I'd really be interested in her opinion on this. And, if anyone else has experience playing with the postures and finding different comfort levels, I'd love to hear about it.



Hi Marie,
I totally over did it with the lumbar curve and got terrible backache! I have a disc problem anyway and it didn't help. I now concentrate on softening my knees and dropping my shoulders and that seems to help to allow for the right amount of curve I think. I still have to consciously adopt the posture though and find my shoulders creeping up sometimes! :)

I went through the same thing as you described. I immediately found relief when I first started with the posture and then had a setback so started to over emphasize the posture. Just last week I played around with it more and I focus more on keeping my shoulders down and neck elongated as well as less bent knees. I feel more comfortable now. Before the posture my knees were naturally locked so it was VERY hard to not stand with them swayed back like that. I had a little bend in them and just wasn't comfortable at all. I try to keep them right over my ankles and relaxed now so I feel so much more comfortable walking and standing. I find that if I focus more on standing "proud" the curve and round tummy come more naturally.

I totally over did it with the lumbar curve and got terrible backache too... But I just eased it a bit - and made it feel more natural and 'eaaaaasy' and it went away lol