Who can say a few words about how they've progressed?


Hi everyone,

I've found this site incredibly helpful in the one week that I've been on it. It has totally changed my outlook on the current state of my body and has given me new hope to believe that I will not "have to have surgery" (as my OB said) for my cystocele. I have ordered the DVD and can't wait for it to arrive. In the mean time, I've been reading every posting on the site and find that, aside from Christine's amazing words of wisdom, the places where women mention how they've improved or been able to stabilize their prolapses really inspire me. I'm sure they inspire others coming to the site as well.

So, I was wondering if any of you wise women could share your thoughts on how things have improved for you since you first discovered your prolapse. What were the things that helped the most?

Thanks so much.


I was a nervous wreck

I was initially told i had a grade2 prolapse (uterine)

Then a grade 1.5 (whether that is posture from here - who knows)

Then recently after my Dr tried to ram a huuuuuuuuge pessary ring into me in most painful way possible - I have now a grade 1 cystocele grade1 rectocele and grade1 uterine

The posture has helped me no end - No longer do i have a falling out feeling or 'peeking'

I feel a bit lower at period time - but the rest of the time i would not know i even had it if i wasnt so paranoid and kept feeling if it is there - lol


I have also improved tremedously since I first found the prolapse a week post partum. My cervix which was initially at the vaginal opening has not reprolapsed and although is is still a little lower than before I had children is now in a place which is considered "normal" for a multiparous women and is causing no problems. I also have what I have been told is a "small" rectocele and cystocele, (grade 2 according to my PT), though I wasn't even aware of the cystocele before I was told. I believe that these have also improved a great deal and my PT says they are now more like a grade one. I am 11 weeks post partum and have been doing the posture as much as possible (apart from when I breastfeed), and exercising my pelvic floor which is now I believe quite strong. I have no symptoms. I am happy with the progress I have made and believe that over the next few months that things will continue to improve. I am EXTREMELY grateful for this site and all the support from Christine and everyone else, it means the world to me. I am, (as everyone knows by now.......) wishing for another child but am still very back and forth on that whole issue so will enjoy the two I have right now and wait and see how we all feel in a year or so.................

About 6 mos. postpartum after the birth of our third child, I started having alot of discomfort, at first intermmittently, cyclically, it seemed (menstruation and ovulation), and then, almost continuously. It was taking a lot of my energy and causing irritation.

I was using some vaginal weights, which seemed to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles somewhat, but didn't improve the prolapse.

I was so glad to find Christine's site. I ordered the book and dvd immediately, and upon beginning the basic postures, found relief! This was about 6 weeks ago. I think it's a work in process. I've had some back and forth, but overall, feel so much better than I did for months. I reread the book (differnt sections) during the week, and there's always a new emphasis that strikes me to try. I've also incorporated Christine's suggestions about the sitting on heels pose with breathing and the lying on back with legs up against the wall exercise (in previous threads). These also have helped.

Around the same time I began the posture work, I also started working with a doctor of traditional chinese medicine. I also think that there issomething to be found here. I've been drinking some really strong chinese herbs prescribed by the doctor. I ran out and was 8 days without them, and was having more pressure/bulging. Then, I took the herbs again, and seemed to lift everything up a bit. It may have corresponded with some hormonal changes around ovulation; it's unclear to me; however, personally, I feel that the postural work, with the accupunture and herbs, is part of my healing.

It didn't take a month to get here, and what I'm beginning to get is that this is a long term process of healing and learning to live with my altered state.

For the most part, I don't think it would bother me much at all, if it weren't for the carrying of my almost 1 year old. That's when I feel it the most, and what causes me the most stress (that I'm going to aggravate the prolapse). But, I try to be balanced and do what I can and be grateful for what I have, which is a lot.

Blessings to all.