Thanks for a very liberating book, Christine


I came across your website last week while searching for information on natural treatments for prolapse, and was delighted to find your book stocked by Amazon in the UK, where I live. What a liberating read! It answered some of my most basic questions (such as: if I were to have a hysterectomy, what would hold up my vagina? And: would pelvic surgery interfere with sexual pleasure?). But it did a lot more besides. It's helped me identify what kind of prolapse I have (cystocele), reassured me that it is very normal (in itself liberating, because it has helped me to accept it), and given me plenty of hope that I won't need surgery. I also found the historical background fascinating. It hadn't occurred to me before just how much current gynaecological practices are rooted in a long-gone era when women's sexuality was scarcely even acknowledged, still less discussed. And women don't really talk to each other about how surgery affects them, so you tend to assume they're okay when perhaps they are not. After reading your book I tentatively asked my mother-in-law about her hysterectomy and she confirmed that it was done "to treat prolapse" and yet, she still HAS prolapse!
I feel much wiser than I did a week ago. Your advice about diet and keeping a "light gut" makes complete sense to me, as I'd already seen the benefit of cutting out caffeine and keeping processed foods to a minimum.
A couple of other comments/questions:
I noticed on your FAQ that you caution against certain pilates mat exercises, but I have to say that pilates has pretty much been my saviour since the birth of my last son four years ago. It's improved my pelvic floor dramatically, given me a very strong "core" and has done what it says it will do: create a balanced body. I think if you have a skilled teacher who understands the pelvic floor, it can do a huge amount of good. My own feeling is that it's best to start with one-to-one sessions with an experienced teacher and/or work in small-group sessions where individual exercises can be set, before attempting a general mat class.
Did you find out what the herbs were in the cure you were given on your "miraculous" healing episode described in your book? I appreciate that it appears to have been a very holistic experience involving massage, chiropractic and much else, but I'm just curious!
Thanks again for the book and the enlightening website, and good luck with the launch of your centre.

Welcome Wendy!
I am also from the UK but live here in the States now. Where do you live back home? You may have seen that Christine is taking a break from the forum for a while. She is opening her new center this weekend and is very busy with that. There is a section on Pilates under "bodywork" if you scroll down to where it was discussed in detail recently so you may find that helpful! Hope you find this forum as helpful and supportive as the rest of us.
Take care.

I live on the south coast (originally from Yorkshire & also lived in London for ages). Where are you from?
I'll read through more of the earlier posts on the forums, as you suggest, and thanks for the welcome.
I'd be interested to see what proportion of women go down the surgical route in the UK compared to the US (I suspect it's less, simply because of the NHS system here). But it really strikes me how little women discuss it, and how little they know about the potential consequences of surgery. Hopefully the thirst for alternative methods will spread as women become more aware. Now that I've started reading, I've ordered a couple of Elizabeth Plourd's books, which sound interesting, as well as a couple of titles on dealing with hormonal changes as women approach menopause.
I hope the launch of the centre goes well this weekend and it gets lots of deserved publicity.

I am from Leicestershire but also lived in York where I
did my Nurse training and then London before moving here 7 years ago. I now live in Arizona. I agree with you that fewer people probably do the surgery thing for prolapse in the UK. Funny, my sister and I were speaking about that yesterday. I think British women don't necessarily expect so much of a "quick fix" health wise which probably does have to do with the waiting lists etc there. Of course this site is a good example of many women here not wanting the supposed "quick fix" for prolapse and of course there really isn't one anyway. Glad to have you here, I get homesick of course sometimes!
Take care and keep us informed of your progress!

I am also in the UK - And it is so nice to see so many of you here :)

I am in Kent...