So what's going to happen when we hit Menopause?


I feel pretty comfortable right now with my body. I am happy with the relief of symptoms I have. Yes I can still "see" things but I can't always notice them or feel them. And the relief of my backache has been fabulous. My back feels better than it has in years. I feel a lot stronger - in fact my PT is ready to release me after just 5 weeks. I am not ready for her to do that though so I am going to continue to go for another 4 weeks or so, just once a week...

My question is this, she said I could stay where I am indefinately but that things could worsen when I go through menopause. I am 34, my mom and aunt both went through at 45 & 48, so on the earlier side. All the lit I have read also says that menopause is when prolapses appear or worsen...

Is this definately so? Will staying in the posture and keeping up with my exercise routine stave off worsening of the prolapses?

Just wondering if anyone has any info/insight on this...


Kathy, I went through menopause 13 years ago and just discovered in December that I've joined all of you with prolapse. Thanks to this wonderful website, I'm now doing just fine, thank you!!! The way I look at it there will always be something we have to face in our lives. Because of this website I no longer think facing prolapse is a catastrophe--I'm too busy enjoying my life. Though I have to admit there are times when I'd rather not be bothered by my prolapse. It is just that having this website has given me a new perspective about the situation.

If you stay with the postural work (and my hunch is that once a person really integrates this there is no going back), uphold a healthy diet, avoid surgery and harmful medications like HRT, at sixty you will be better than ever.

Why avoid HRT Christine?


Because it’s impossible to make “bioidentical” hormones in a laboratory that are released into the body in just the right amounts and combinations with other substances too numerous and intricate than science or the pharmaceutical industry have any idea. Did you know that most women prescribed HRT discontinue it on their own after a few months because they feel so lousy? That’s data!

It's just that my Mum has been on HRT for like forever - Well at least 8+ yrs


There was a huge study called the Women’s Health Initiative conducted here in the States that shed a lot of light on the issue. Here’s the link:

A very wise answer, somer. You are absolutely right about there always being something we have to face in our lives. Thinking that life will only bring us what we want, and keep away things we do not want only brings disappointment and resentment, and life is too short for that. Accepting things as they are, and not being afraid of them is a wonderful gift. It brings to mind the Serenity prayer.

Lord grant me the strength to change the things I can change,
The serenity to accept the things I cannot change
And the wisdom to know the difference.




you ALWAYS have a way of making me see the bright side of everything and making me grin! You are truly an inspiration to me!!! Thank you, thank you. Only wish you were nearer so we I could pop round for a cuppa and a chat!

I was in perimenopause when I felt my prolapse (2000), full blown menopause at 55 and I am almost 60. I have been on this forum about two to three years, adopted the posture and haven't felt anything getting worse. I think the uterus shrinks during menopause and that takes some of the weight off when it starts to "wander." Other than that, most days I don't even feel the prolapses and I have the universal ones.

Like your forum, Christine. "Looks rich."


Hi Sybille!

I’ve thought about you so often and worried a bit because the last time we heard from you, you only talked about the weather – not that there’s anything wrong with talking about the weather! LOL, but I hoped all was well with your health!!

For all the newbies, Sybille was one of the first ones to give the posture a try and report back and also to defend it on another site that was making mincemeat out of me and my “cure.” :-)

So glad you’re here and well.


Thanks Christine~

I probably haven't written as much because my body is "rusted" inside and out - a year's worth of rain and counting in the last four months. I am SO READY FOR SUN.

Of course, a new grandson takes a lot of my time and my job has become more demanding. Other than that...I honestly have to admit to everyone here - how one carries themselves will lessen if not "take away" the feeling of all prolapses. I "baby" myself, but still engage in daily activities that include exercise, walking and the like. Picking up the grandson hasn't been a problem as long as I am "prepared" to pick up heavier things and bodies.

Just look at the way a toddler stands and you've got it. It never ceases to amaze me how we gradually are reverting to the make up of a toddler's body - NO WASIT! I laugh and love life.