Where Can I buy this book in Australia


I am a 36 year old woman and have just discovered that I have a cystocele. I have delivered two children vaginally but have had overactive bladder problems my whole life. I've spent years having tests, seeing specialists, physiotherapists but to no avail. Nothing helped my overactive bladder. No amount of kegels or otherwise could help. I am waiting on an appointment with a specialist regarding my cystocele but wanted to go in there informed of my choices for treatment so started doing some research. I have borrowed this book from our local library on referral from a friend but at the time I didn't have a cystocele and never found the time to read the book thoroughly. I am at a loss as to where to buy it in Australia. Does anyone have any idea which book shops may sell it here?

Hi Michelle and welcome! I bought my book off www.Amazon.com. I believe they ship to Australia... I think anyway. Go check it out. Good luck.


Hi, Michelle...
Don't have any advice regarding how to get the book to Australia but I wanted to welcome you here. You're now one of several Michel(l)e's on this board :) You'll find so much support and information here from Christine as well as other members.

Keep us posted on what the docs say.


THank you. I did look it up on Amazon and they do ship to Australia but I was hoping I could get it here to save on the expensive shipping costs. I'll keep trying however. I just borrowed the book from the library again today so when I return it I'll ask them if they have any idea where it might be on sale. There are a few alternative therapy stores here that might stock but I have not yet tried. I'm pleased there is a site where this kind of thing can be discussed with others who suffer a similar problem. Australia is country where people are very private and unless you know someone very well you just don't talk about such things as body functions so it's hard to find people who understand because they just find it offensive to discuss it.
Thanks again

Hi Michelle68

I did a lot of searching Australian bookstore sites, and came up with none. I ended up just buying it from Wholewoman. It arrived very quickly, which was great. I figure I have spent a lot less on the book and DVD than I would have on Gap payments after health insurance rebate had I gone ahead with surgery.

Hey, another woman in Australia who is not in a hurry to have surgery!! Well, that means that there are at least two of us, plus the person who ordered the book for our Public Library system, that makes three.

Let's see, 20 million people, half are male, makes 10 million females, probably 70%? of childbearing age or older, that makes 700000 women, 10% experience prolapse, that makes 70000 women who experience prolapse in Australia. That one book, plus mine isn't going to go far round 70000 readers, is it? You'd better get your copy quick-smart!

I am loathe to lend mine to anyone, but it is not easy to explain to others without the book.

Christine, do you have any calling cards? Or better still, an A4 downloadable sheet of say, four bookmarks, bearing your name, website URL & flyer for the book that we could print off, single sided, cut up and give out to women who express an interest. With your permission, I might have a go at putting a rough copy together and sending it off to you for your New Mexico graphics whizzes to tidy up so you can put it on the website for downloading.



Louise you are a scream! I think your bookmark idea is smashing! If you would enjoy working on it, great! Will it be triangular? ;-)

LOLOLOLOL, If you can source the triangular paper I think that would be very appropriate. But seriously, I'll have a go with rectangular bookmarks, even if it does go against my grain.

It might take a while. Somebody more talented with Photoshop than I am might jump the gun! What about a competition? Yeah, that's a good idea. What could we offer as a prize for the winning entry? A packet of Sea Pearls perhaps? How about a book? Or a baton?



That was such a great thread, Louise! You went to so much time and effort to explain the geometry of our basic structure to us. I don't suppose you saved it anywhere? It looks like everything with links and illustrations disappeared from the old forum.

So I take it you're in Australia too. It's nice to know. I did a lot of searching online for australian bookstores too and couldn't find it anywhere. I borrowed the book from the library and am reading it thoroughly. If it comes to it I guess I'll have to order from the states. It's well worth it.
Thanks again

Hi Christine

No, sorry I didn't save it anywhere. I am wondering if Ann-Helen or someone else might have saved it somewhere.




Sorry i don't have it.

Hope you find it.

Best Wishes

Anne helen

Hi Michelle I live in Sydney Australia but have also had no luck finding the book to buy here. If I find anywhere you can buy it I will let you know. In the meantime best of luck or you can contact me via email. Jocelyn

I have a book store owner who is a friend of a friend trying to get it for me. I will certainly let you know if I can find it. I am in Brisbane. How do I get your email address? I'd love to write to you.

I am contactable through email its in my details Love to hear from you. Jocelyn

Dear Michelle and other Aussie readers.
I have been in contact with Linda from www.pelvicfloorexercise.com.au and have asked her to look into bringing the book into Australia. I too borrowed Christine's book from the library, twice and have reluctantly had to return it. I have just ordered a double CD called from Prolapse to Pelvic Power from the above supplier. They were the company who supplied the vaginal weights. Worth looking at the web site. As I have said previously I am very eager to find out whatever I can on the subject of prolapse and rectoceles.

Thanks for the information. I will check it out and hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to purchase this here.
Thanks again