Has anyone heard of this product or tried it? A friend of mine got one and said it's helping her a lot. I'm wondering if this might be something that would be good in the interim until the exercises start working. Any thought?

Some women (seems older women) are happy with the fembrace. Many others find the V2 a more comfortable design - it does not constrict around the waist. You can find it at www.birthjoy.com.

Nancy I have them both, but prefer the V2 supporter much more! The design is much better and helps lift instead of just holding up! But everyone is different so what I like might not be what you like! Another incentive, the V2 is cheaper! Better built in my opinion! Nancy

I tried the fembrace and it was so uncomfortable. It was too tight around my waist and the v2 supporter is low in the front and high in the back so you can stand in the posture comfortably.