Kegels and rectocele


Hi, I noticed that my rectocele is getting worse. I was a grade 1 in Jan but i feel like it has been more difficult to eliminate completely. Also during my period, I see bright red blood when i wipe on the tush so i know it's not from the vagina.

I have been doing kegels since that diagnosis and wondering if that can worsen the rectocele condition. It is getting more uncomfortable on a daily basis. I notice more gas and just prolapse discomfort if i don't poop. I used to not feel the rectocele on a daily basis.

Mommynow, I think you mentioned something in relation to kegels. Just wondering what others are experiencing.

Hi mommi2three,

Yes I feel that kegels made my symptoms worse. Actually ever since I got my period back my rectocele feels worse. I am still nursing though.

I am trying the exercise that Christine gave me to help.

I am pretty sure that pushing for an hour and a half flat on my back with an epidural did it. They tell you to push like you are having a bowel movement and serious pushing like that instead of letting your body do it naturally has to be detrimental. I basically pushed my butt out! My question is, why then do other women not get a rectocele from doing the same thing???

I am sorry I don't have an inspiration at the moment. I am going through the same thing and praying this will get better.

If you are overdoing the Kegels they WILL make everything worse - How many are you doing a day? I was doing 300+++ and it made everything ten times worse! Now I do about 40 - 50 (if that) and everything is ten times better - So don't overdo it or it will make everything worse


Dear Mommynow

I had pre-eclalmpsia with my first pregnancy and was ordered to have a big epidural by the obstetrician, because he told me an epidural would reduce the high blood pressure, and prevent me from having a seizure which would both me and the baby.

I hated it because I was on my back with feet in stirrups, couldn't tell when to push, and couldn't push to save myself, or wouldn't have known if I did push. I had a forceps delivery and episiotomy; the scar tissue still pulls 23 years later. They were in a bit of hurry to get poor little Tim out. However, he is now 23, 6 foot tall, healthy and wonderful, and I survived the birth too. Shit happens. Life is not perfect.

I birthed my own way for the other two, and felt blessed to experience this very earthy, instinctive act without an obstetrician 'managing' *my* labour. I guess we all have different genes, and different life experiences.

I have found that looking back resentfully is not as satisfying as dealing with the here-now. Best wishes