I can't figure out how to order


When I try to "checkout" it won't take my login info. Is there somewhere else I'm supposed to set up an account first? I feel like such a dummy!!!


Here's the information from my webmaster:
Hi Momxnine,

So sorry you are having trouble, and no you're not a dummy! It's the page that is confusing.

Here's the scoop. If you'll notice, at the top of the shopping cart page there are login and password boxes. Above them it says "Returning Customers: Please log in. If you have bought from the store since the new site went up, then you'll have a login and password. If not, scroll down and you'll see a section that says "New? Please provide your billing information". This is where you need to go. On a computer screen with high resolution, you would probably see this but if you have an older, lower resolution screen that doesn't show very much of the page, you might not even know the new customer section was even there unless you scolled down.

I'll be talking with Christine's developers about this today to see if we can't find a way to eliminate this confusion. Just bypass the returning customer section and you'll be fine. Hope this helps. If not, please post again and we'll address it.

All the best,
Lanny Goodman
I hope this is helpful for anyone else who has had trouble!