Symtoms come and go?


I'm new to the forum, and new to UP and apparently experiencing some bladder or urethra falling symptoms as well. It seems as though some days I feel my urethra falling and then, after several days, it feels as though it has gone back this typical? Now, though, it feels as though it has fallen again. Does anyone else have this experience? Any ideas why? I have been carrying my 3 year old more than usual over the past week (hiking trips...she needs a little help sometimes). I would love any feedback anyone has to offer.

It is completely normal to feel 'low' one day and better for a few days after - Mine always feels lower at period time and better in between

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thanks, sue. that seems exactly like what i am experiencing. it is sort of disheartening to for things to feel like they are "sliding" after periods of improvment. thanks for your support.

I think things are lower for me during my period and during ovulation too...

and echo the carrying thing. I've been feeling little to no pressure for a month since starting to use the postures and make lifestyle changes. Then, 11 mo. old got sick with bad ear infection and I've been carrying him round the clock it seems for 5 days. I'm disheartened to notice things seem a little lower. Too busy this week with doctors visits, baby sick and little sleep.

I'd appreciated others experience on this too.

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I'm new to the forum as well. I am 51 and have had 2 children. About 8 months ago I noticed a slight bulge in my vulva which hadn't been there before. My doctor recommended a surgical repair and referred me to a gynaecologist. He was more conservative and said that it depended on my level of comfort as to whether I wanted surgery or not. Since then I have been doing Kegels exercises every day and I have noticed that the symptoms have come and gone - like you, they are worse around my period. I am not keen on surgery but sometimes when I do feel some discomfort I wonder what to do. I don't have any other symptoms, sex is OK, and I don't get backache. I imagine that I'll have to keep up the pelvic floor exercises - is there anything else I can do?

Hi Wenz

Learning Wholewoman posture is really the key to the whole thing, and more important than Kegels. Have a look at There are lots of Christine's FAQ's that relate to posture.

It can take a while for your body (and brain) to adjust to it, but it is worth it. Start standing and sitting differently now while your symptoms are mild and you will put less strain on your pelvic floor for the rest of your life.

There are lots of Topics about posture in the Forums, particularly in the Bodywork Forum. Happy surfing.



I really think it would be great to link to here how to stand in the posture and sit - A film omn it could be lined from - and would be a fantastical way to show - visually - exactly what the posture sitting and standing etc means :)