How much will your sessions cost?


I don't know if I should ask that on here, but I'm wondering if I need to make a trip to Albq. in the near future.... How much will your session cost that is going to explain all the details for your program and show the exercises?


At present I am charging 100.00 for ninety minutes (which usually ends up running into two hours) of individual instruction. I request that all prolapsed women take this course before the group classes unless you are in very good condition and feel you have a good grasp of all the issues. The group classes will be the same price as a dance class (12.00 or so) when they are up and running, which will be toward the end of April.

Alas, not now. However, I'm fantasizing you could come to the Bay Area and do some work here . . . Maybe someday!

Christine, Would it be possible to make a live video/seminar type thing that you could sell for the same price for all of us who live across the country?

In my opinion, it wouldn't even have to be professional! Just set up a video camera of you talking! : ) And then have someone videotaping any demo's that might be happening.

For what it's worth, I'm in SF and would imagine lots of people would be interested in a group session or setting up a series of privates with you if you are ever in the Bay Area


exactly. I'm in the East Bay Area, having moved here from SF. Who knows, maybe we could meet.

That would be great. Who knows? Maybe we could start a "support group" in the Bay Area and meet regularly to go on "posture walks" and trade stories, tips, and support.

I am already thinking about ways to support other women with prolapse via restorative yoga.


The support group idea is a great one!!! I wish I was nearer you guys as I would totally be interested in helping to get something started. Imagine how great it would be to actually get together and share especially as so many of us have young babies and children too. It is fantastic on line but would be even better in person I think!

A support group would be so awesome. I love the idea of going on group 'posture' walks.

Ann...I'm totally with you about starting a gentle, healing restorative yoga class for women, incorporating the Whole Woman techniques and principles. It's in my plans also, for when my little sweetie is a little bit older. I bet if we hooked up with the midwives in our respective areas that we would get a lot of referrals for postpartum mommies.


I agree. We should definitely talk more about this via email or something. My baby is only 8 months now, and I work part time from home, so I'll have to wait until he's a little older to get started, but I'm looking forward to it!

How do we exchange personal info here, e.g. email addresses? on other forums there's a way to privately message someone. I don't have a problem posting my email address, but wondered whether there's a more private way.

Christine? PS Ann, I have three little ones, the youngest is almost 1. It would be great to get together in person.

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the deal on email:

Go into "my account", which you’ll find at the left of the forum pages (you have to be logged in to see it.) Choose "edit" and scroll down a ways. You will find the “personal contact form.”

Check the box that says other members can email you without your email address being revealed. I think it's probably best not to put your addresses up on the forum.

:-) Christine