How to sit


I've been working on going through this site all afternoon...There is so much info here! How and what are we supposed to sit on? Like when you eat supper, watch tv, sit at the computer, etc. What about in public???

There's an FAQ titled, What are the sitting positions? :-) The key is to try to sit using the strength of your own spine as much as possible - even in a chair. If you are tired and really want to sit back, place a small pillow at your lumbar spine.

Wear your skirts long, (or just wear trousers) so you can perch on the front edge of almost any chair, or semi-straddle it, and keep your lumbar curve. Nobody knows you are sitting like a bloke (man), and so what if they do, anyway?

You just get used to it, and I wouldn't sit any other way now , given the choice. Sometimes it gives you the opportunity to explain it to another interested person. I have found most women *are interested*. They may need to know one day. I call it a community service announcement. ;-)

Welcome to the recovery journey.