Bladder Biopsy pending (shiver..)


hello-o-o everyone,
I'm so happy to be back online after a few months break of spending the summer being more active, actually working in a nature outside job part-time and getting a lot of sunshine/rest. My knee physical therapy worked wonders, so I can walk well again; my bladder tends to remain in place and if not I have found that my certified Organic coconut oil works wonders when I need to replace it to its cozy place tucked in at the pubic bridge.

My concern today is that I have seen a well-liked urologist (checked his "rate my doctor") with a lot of +'s regarding urethra pain and on again off again blood in urine. For years my urine typically looks like I have a UTI but when sent off to grow in that "little petri dish" never cultures - so there never was a UTI in the first place. I've never bothered to try to understand why.
Anyway, a month or so ago I discussed with my primary the thought of seeing a urologist regarding the blood in my urine recently, and not just a little....blood that I can see on the tissue paper and even dropping into the toilet bowl when I pee.

Funny thing is this: I went first for a ct scan where I had to "drink all this stuff" and have more "stuff" injected into my veins. The funny thing was that when I thought I would scream from needing to pee after all that and that scan wasn't yet over I needed to stay still until the machine finished its run. When I could get up to go pee.. I couldn't. I sat there in pain and in tears and finally I could pee. The tissue paper was soaked in blood and the toilet bowel was also. Several medical visits later I still don't think the doctors (female, male) understand what I experienced. I think I had bladder stones or stone in the bladder and then it moved to the urethra when I drank that overload of stuff for the scan and then voided it finally. Those scan results came back normal. Also, after that episode in the ct scan bathroom, I went home and began to feel really really well, I mean well.
I told the urologist about this and he looked at me and said "do you actually see any blood when you have these episodes?" Helloooooo? He's looking, of course, for cancer, but I was tempted to feel like the room was spinning, but it was just the experience of someone attempting to type-cast me as a new cancer patient and not HEARING me. I hate that. I don't know what I would do without this site.

I agreed to a cystoscopy done last week where he noted three small spots on the bladder wall. I feel I made a prudent decision to proceed with a bladder this point I am terrified....not of cancer but of the procedure which is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, 17 September. This is to be done with only 2% lidocaine. I asked for something for pain and was refused. I will have cipro something for possible infection. I can't take pain meds or valium ahead of time due to their skewing the biopsy results. This is scheduled to all take place in his office....panic panic panic.

I will continue researching this site for clues, insight and courage and will appreciate any and all emotional support and personal experiences.
It's nice to be back, DaphneII

Hi Daphne11, thanks so much for checking in with us. I'm so sorry to hear about this recent turn of events and I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed for a good outcome of your biopsy. i'm not familiar with any of this stuff, and surprised to hear that you can't have pain meds for fear of skewing the test results. But that is what it is, I guess. Only a few more days to wait. Our thoughts will be with you, please post here right afterwards and let us know how the experience went. Here's hoping they don't keep you waiting too long for results. Good luck Tuesday, love and hugs to you. - Surviving

Thanks so very much, Surviving, for your kind response. I find myself getting my defenses ready to yell at the urologist (that's the fearful me) if he makes a single mistake. I decided to begin Reiki for myself and for the nurses and MD for the Tuesday appt. I find I can't dislike someone and send Reiki at the same time, so this must be the helpful approach to protect myself. Just returned from my first vacation in 15 or more years. So relaxing, I didn't have tension myositis vaginal flare-up and my urethra pain didn't flare up either. Went panning for gold in a mountain stream and bought a fishing license - I plan to catch and release. Just want these new challenges behind me. Will post when it's over and I'm advised of the findings. I heard a woman say recently that the body is designed to heal itself! Daphne11

Yes my dear daphne It was Hippoctratis (sp?) ( father of modern medicine)that said , ' Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself".I never give up hope that that isn't a truism. Check out Emily Dickenson's poem on 'HOPE'. In the poetrry forum Good luck free2 be


Dear Daphne,

Prayers and best wishes to you! These are the times we have to trust our caregivers and try to stay in the present moment every step of the way. Try your best to remember that because it is entirely true that the present moment is always a positive state. I think the lidocaine will be enough. I would rather have a bladder biopsy than anything done on my teeth ever, ever again. It breaks my heart so many of us had our teeth and gums x-rayed, drilled, filled, ground down and removed when teeth have a natural ability for stabilizing and reversing decay and inflammation. My almost 35-year-old daughter has perfect teeth - even after a couple of diagnosed cavities in her late teens that somehow never got filled (we were really resistant to dentistry even then). The cavities have re-calcified and she has no fillings. Oh my...I digress...

Daphne, I am so grateful for your suggestion of putting vinegar in a spray bottle. I dilute it with 1/2 water and it is a mainstay for the health of my vulva. As soon as this hips project is put to bed (we’re still working on the dvd) I am going to re-do that part of the vulva/vaginal dvd. Thank you!

Love from Christine

Good Morning, I haven't been on the Forum for a while because I felt I had everything under control as far as my Prolaspe was concerned, I've been using coconut oil on it, and felt everything was okay, until about maybe a couple of weeks ago, when I noticed a rough spot forming on the right side of my uterus, when I showered it felt smooth again, and then this crusty thing would come back, however it is spreading and getting bigger and last night after I wiped myself it started to bleed, it feels like a scab
on a sore, and the coconut oil doesn't seem to be keeping it moist any more.

I do use two different soaps to bathe with I use dial gold for my private areas and under my breast and the folds of my body, and I also use Dove's cucumber and green tea scent, I was thinking that the dial soap was too harsh for my private parts??? I use Scot's toilet tissue, the reason I'm mentioning these things is when I was on the Forum before I thought I read where the type of toilet tissue we use made a difference because of our Prolasped Uterus.???

Can somebody please help Christine, Louise somebody Please, I'm really scared, I am a diabetic and I don't want this to develop into something worse.
Am anxiously waiting to hear from You.

Mahalo and Aloha


Dear Daphne,
Wishing you all the best with your biopsy...sending hugs.
Heavenly Flower - sending you hugs - someone will respond soon - I'm sorry I have no answers...

Best wishes
Aussie Soul Sister

On my way to a "kiss-the-tatas-goodbye" gathering of women for a sister who is having a mastectomy tomorrow. Hips intensive in the morning...should be able to get back here in the afternoon. C.

Thank you Aussie Soul Sister for the hug I really do need one, I will anxiously and patiently wait for an answer from someone .

I have missed being on the Forum, will try not to stay away as long as I have.

Mahalo and Aloha,
Heavenly flower

Thank you Free2be,
Counting down...(at 3:00AM)...

Hellooo Christine,
Thank you for the prayers. I wanted to write you directly but was feeling too needy (lol!); very relieved to hear from you and that the 2% lidocaine should be enough. Your 'digress' (it's funny how we so easily turn verbs into nouns these days) about teeth is really perfect. It made me remember a friend whose 4-year old had a very dark tooth that the dentist recommended pulling. She rubbed Vit C on the tooth whenever she could corral the child. Months later I saw her again and the tooth had returned to its original healthy color.
I'm now looking for the best 'stuff' for bladder health and a natural calming agent to replace the Elavil that I'm on to calm my pelvic tension. Will search forum.
I'm sure that the challenge with my lower spine/back which causes great pain vaginally and annoying numbness on the bottom of my right foot (spring comments) can be avoided if I am careful about keeping food moving through the system especially the final segments of the colon. I thought for a long time that it sounded like pudendal nerve but when you mentioned that it seemed more like Tension Myositis Syndrome I started looking into that. It seems to add up to tightness at the core of my mind/body mechanics.
As for vinegar solution in a spritzer bottle, I am honored to help!
Will post soon with results of upcoming bladder biopsy.

Dear Aussie Soul Sister,
Thank you thank you thank you. I plan to take to my biopsy procedure tucked inside my bra all the names on paper of responders to my S.O.S. !

Hi, Daphne -

Thanks for sharing. It's difficult to decide on the side of surgery no matter how minor or invasive it is, but in the end, we have to decide for ourselves what we need to do for peace of mind. With the info you shared, if it were me, I think I would have made the same decision.

I will be praying for you and for the best possible outcome.

Stand strong!

I am also on a search for bladder health. I am having continuous bladder infections, and now an ultrasound has detected a 'stone' of some sort in the urethra.

Although I have an appointment with a urologist on the 26th, I would love to figure out how to 'pass the stone' myself and perhaps avoid any interference on the part of doctors.

I'm also looking for a natural way of getting rid of these UTIs


Hi w2k,
I'm sending you a link that I just found regarding urethral stones. UTI's are such a bother. I often in the past have had urine samples show up 'infected' when checked immediately in the doctor's office, but when sent off for culture nothing shows up. I can't figure that out, maybe someday I will. In the meantime, read the whole article of the link I'm sending. It makes a lot of sense and also offers insight of when to leave a urethral stone alone.
Some years ago I had all the symptoms of a kidney stone (down on the ground pain!, hospitalization two days and nights and eventually found a tiny round stone with no jagged edges in the toilet sieve at the hospital). I never really got an explanation of the whole event and finally threw my little stone away.
I did drink 1/2 ounce lemon juice with 1/2 ounce olive oil twice a day for a month just in case it would help. I have not had kidney stone pain since then.
Today I believe that I have or did have a bladder stone fixed in the lower part of my urethra. A week or so ago I had a cystoscopy and felt better after that, although the urologist was looking for some problem in the bladder. Afterwards it felt like my urine was no longer stuck in the urethra.
Tomorrow I will get the results of my second CTScan (no liquids) which scanned to see if there are any more stones anywhere in my kidneys, bladder or urethra. I read that bladder stones and kidney stones are not composed of the same elements but I don't know much about that.
Here's your link and please check back in and let us know what happens at your appointment. If the link doesn't work google or

I'm on my countdown for tomorrow's doctor appointment...22 hours and counting.

All our best wishes, prayers and hugs go along with you! - Surviving

Thought I could get back here yesterday...sorry!

A couple of thoughts...

Yes, the soap is much too harsh. You really don't need soap at all at this point in life (maybe we never did). The vagina is a self-cleaning organism as long as it's filled with lactic-acid-producing organisms. I keep life in my vagina with a little bit of honey applied each day to feed the microorganisms. I use a dash of vinegar too to support a more acidic environment. Fungi love it more on the alkaline side. Coconut oil is not feeding the lactobacilli like honey does.

You don't say you're working on the posture at all, which may be why you aren't able to keep your bladder/cervix tucked well inside your labia. We really can't have these organs hanging out unless we're vigilant about wearing an external support garment and a good barrier salve.

Honey is an extremely healing substance, which I would certainly apply to any sort of sore in the vagina. I don't believe it's the honey itself that is healing, but rather the resulting microorganisms that normalize tissue. If I go more than 48 hours without honey I develop painful lesions. These are not like viral lesions, but rather burning sores that develop because of strong alkalinity. Ain't post-menopause grand! (It truly is, though :)

I will not suggest that you run off to the doctor, who will likely give you a steroid or estrogen cream, but that you take the work more seriously and see if you can move your organs further forward.



I'll definitely check out that website.

I understand that kidney stones (and gall stones) are composed of calcium. They are actually the result of a calcium DEFICIENCY!!! Our digestive system requires calcium in order to work properly, so if we are not getting proper calcium in correct quantities, the body takes calcium from the bones .... and it becomes stones ....

Bladder stones, apparently, are made up of crystalized urine!! When urine is trapped, it can crystalize and form into stones. They can be avoided (I understand) by drinking plenty of fluids and emptying your bladder daily.

I had been very lax on taking proper amounts of calcium up until Mar/Apr this year. Since then, I have been taking a good amount of calcium citrate (from plant sources) daily. Somehow I don't believe this is a kidney stone -- but rather a bladder stone as a result of a slightly prolapsed bladder.

Of course we wouldn't know for sure unless the stone passes and is caught for analysis


P.S. I hope that your appointment went well

My stone is in the Urethra -- not the Ureter

This is something I just learned ... and I'll pass it on. The Ureters connect the kidneys to the bladder -- the Urethra comes from the bladder.

So this means that my stone is ON ITS WAY OUT!! It doesn't have much farther to go. It's 1 cm in diameter .... and the doctor figures it will need 'help' to move


Thankyou (mahalo)
Christine for you advise on my post I certainly will try the honey, but once before when you mentioned to me about the vinegar I tried it and it burned some thing terrible, so how do you apply the vinegar with out it burning? it certainly wasn't a good feeling, I do work on my posture but I guess I'm not doing too good a job , I do wear an external support garment not while I'm at home, but when I do go out side of the house, which is about 3 to 4 times a week, I guess I will also have to use it at home also, a good barrier salve ? what could that be?

I try as much as I can to stay away from the doctors offices after the last Gynecologist asked me "what was my old vagina doing these days? and he suggested I see his friend who can sew it up, I guess that must be his specialty.

Thank you for your help I will work on my posture to try to get everything back in place.
Aloha Heavenlyflower

Thank you so much 1htwmn,

Many many thanks Louiseds.

Thank you Christine and all who thought of me this week,
The bladder biopsy is over. The doctor was professional and someone I would refer. The 30 minutes went okay with some pain and one difficult 'bite'. The after part, drinking quarts of water to keep the bladder blood diluted was the hardest since I have painful bladder pain anyway then traveling 100 miles home while needing to continue drinking water. Lots of 'pee stops!' Results will be back in two weeks. I am tired but today (two days later) don't seem to have any infection.
My next challenge is seeing an ob-gyn next month to have a nodule looked at that is on the roof of my vagina canal. It may also need to be biopsied.
For today, in this moment, I am OK.
Thank you all, Daphne11

Congrats Daphne, one hurdle cleared. Hope you had some company on that lovely excursion! Just take it one day at a time. We are thinking of you. - Surviving

Grazie Surviving60!
Thank you again. I actually chose to go alone. I needed to know that I could face it alone (well, I had you all!) and also didn't want my family to know in case there would be anything too scary. Still weary which troubles me a bit but I can rest, so...lucky me.
Soon, Daphne11

It's good to hear from you, Daphne. Will keep praying for the waiting game. I'll also keep you in my prayers for the gyno part of your journey.

You're brave to go it alone. I had to when getting results on a blood test that was to confirm presence of cancer or not a couple of years ago - hubby "didn't want to go" when I asked him. Even though I was praying the whole time, I think I held my breath anyway for the whole hour drive over and the appointment, which seemed to take forever. I was never so relieved when I received the negative results - I think I cried with every work of thanks and praise I gave God on the drive home. May He keep you strong.

You asked for a follow-up on my urologist appointment -- so here it is:

Without Doing an Examination, the urologist thinks that it is a ureterocele. He is taking this information from the report from the ultrasound on August 20th. He wants to check the 'pictures' that the technician took so that he will know exactly where it is and how to proceed.

He says that it is a condition that I have had for YEARS and that it is not urgent. He also says that it would be no problem if I decided to do nothing about it. However, he believes that it is the cause of my continuous UTIs and that if I want to get to the root of the problem I need to address it.

So .... the next step is a cystoscopy -- IF I'm willing. He knows I'm not willing **chuckle** and he knows that I'd like to find a natural solution. If I find a natural solution, he wants to know what it is **chuckle**

As I read the sheet (requiring my signature) for the cystoscopy, I did not like what I saw. I am giving him permission to enter into my bladder and see where the stone is and what is necessary to remove it. Once he's in there, my signature on that paper gives him (and his associates) full permission to do whatever they deem necessary to 'fix the problem'!!!!

So ... it seems that my choices are: (1) to let him 'fix' the problem; (2) to continue to search for a natural method of removing the stone; or (3) to do nothing -- but continue to keep my bladder flushed with cranberry juice and clear fluids


I was just reading these posts from 2013 and wanted to know how it all turned out. I hope you see this and are doing well!