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I'm not sure where to put this, so I'll just start here. I'm a stay-at-home mom of 9 (ages 4 - 25). I had a prolaspe after number 5, but it hasn't bothered me a whole lot. Yesterday I went to a doctor because I've been having a lot of problems with not sleeping and panic attacks (I'm assuming these are hormonal issues). Anyway, I just got a complete physical and I'm waiting to find out my levels of my hormones, etc. When she did my PAP, she informed me that I have a rectocele, cycstocele (which I knew I had) and that my bladder was falling some and my urethra tube was hanging down??? Of course,she'll want to do surgery, put me on HRT etc. Don't plan to go there....

Anyway, I happened to find this site because I was trying to find information on rebounding (which I do regularly) and cystocele's What a wonderful site!!! I wish I lived in Albq.!! I couldn't decide from the thread about rebounding and cystocele's, if rebounding is a good thing or a bad thing? Any other thoughts?

So now I'm wondering how to get started on whatever I need to do? Do I just need to order Christine's book and the DVD? What about that baton thing, do I need that? Someone please point me in the right direction! Thanks!



Dear Momxnine,

I’m very glad you found us and you did so just as Wholewoman™ is on the cusp of so much! I hope you order all three, as my ability to continue with this site depends upon the sale of my products! However, my latest findings and present core workout are not contained in either the book or DVD. The book is still the first of its kind to reveal the darker side (is there another side?) of pelvic reconstructive surgery. The tape has a lot of good information and a short beginning exercise routine.

Prevention and stabilization of prolapse is dependent upon natural female posture and you can get an understanding of that from the FAQ link here on the site.

I have mixed thoughts on the rebounder. For overall conditioning it may be okay, but we really need to be working with gravity to rebuild core organ support.

Wishing you well,


So, if your books and DVD don't have the newest stuff, where do I find the latest? I'm wanting to get something started as soon as possible before things get worse. : ) Will the DVD you have for sale on the site work? I'm too far from N.M. to come to your new center, although I would certainly love to!

Where is the FAQ? I can't seem to locate them.


There is a good description of the posture in the DVD as well as other useful information and many women have found the exercise program beneficial. This has been a long process of discovery for me and our older members know that I had to find all the pieces myself. I’m working as hard as I can to get it onto tape, but it will be summer before I’m there. You can find everything you need to start this work in the FAQ section, which is located by clicking the first icon on the left side of the home page.

I must remind you that this is not a cure or a quick-fix, but a new way of learning to live in your body.

Welcome Momxnine!
I feel sure that your will find a great deal of help and support here from Christine and many others! :)
I have a question, I hope you don't mind? You mention that you prolapsed after your fifth child? Was that a bladder prolpase or your uterus, and did you recover fully afterwards? You went on to have four more children so I am thinking things must have improved somewhat at that time. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this and I wish you so much for your healing journey! Take care.

I don't mind your question Michelle. :) I think that my prolapse after #5 was maybe my cervix AND a cystocele. The cervix went back up fairly quickly, but the cycstocele didn't. My midwife had me doing tons and tons of kegals for a couple of weeks with my hips in the air on a pillow! I guess it helped, although it never fully healed. Yes, I did go on to have 5 more children, all with no problems. Although after each birth I was always careful for the first couple of weeks when going to the bathroom, etc. to make sure I didn't put too much pressure on the whole pelvic floor. I'm not having any problems at this time, but I don't want to as I get older either. : )

I'll try the DVD that Christine has and see if that will help. : )

Thank you so much for that! I also had a uterine prolapse after the birth of my daughter nine weeks ago and have since found out I have a "small" cystocele and rectocele, though the uterus has returned almost back to normal and I have no symptoms from the others. I am so wanting another child, (although I am eternally thankful for the two I have), and I am eager to hear of other womens experiences with having other children. There are of course already several on this forum. Thank you again, all of this really helps! :)