How bad is it to run


I'd like to start running but have been told that this sort of exercise isn't good for women with prolapses (I have an anterior and posterior prolapse and have had a TVT operation).

My reason for wanting to run is to try to shed some weight and to give myself some weight bearing exercise to help stave off osteoperosis (I love swimming, cycling and rowing so need something more).

I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me from your collective wisdom.

Simcha, There is always FAST WALKING, or POWER WALKING as it is also called. I read that it is popular in Europe instead of the running and gives comparable results without the punishment to the joints and other parts of the body.

Hi Simcha,

I do not have an answer for you yet, but I would like to re-phrase the question to, “How beneficial is it to run?” I don’t think running is inherently bad for prolapse, just as neither is lifting, coughing or dancing. It’s how we use our body when we do these things.

We’ve had several runners with new-onset prolapse write in wondering the same thing. I always ask that they please keep in touch, but they haven’t thus far. I have a hunch why that is so. It’s very energy consuming to have these heavy organs down below our tailbone instead of being cradled in the hollow of the lower belly as they are supposed to be. I’m sure all our members would agree that prolapse slows you down and has probably retired more than a few marathoners.

Although I can hardly consider myself a “runner”, since I only run a few laps around a very small track in the mornings when I’m home, and now that means primarily the weekends, I have never found a moderate amount of running detrimental to my condition at all. On the other hand, it is not a great help either. My prolapse has always been better after a short run, but not enough “to write home about.”

As far as overall conditioning, I believe the ability to run a short distance on a regular basis does wonders for stamina. Plus, it is a basic life competency to be able to run a little bit! You never know when you may have to run and being physically unable to do so just because that skill has atrophied is not very wise. Yes, fast walking is great, but running mobilizes the body much more intensely, and it just seems a waste to let that go entirely. We’re not talking about pounding the pavement here, but just a little mellow walk/run.

You know that all bets are off with the TVT. These things are known to shift and migrate and no one can say the affect running might have.

Science is in the process of proving that the body is not a structure weighted down by gravity coming through the top of our head and then dragging everything down to our feet! We are tension/compression systems, which means gravity is equalized throughout our body. Our elbow has the same omni-directional gravitational pull as our bladder. The problem is we are not properly using this gift of an anti-gravity organism!


Perhaps I can be the runner who does keep in touch and provides some data on this ? :) Not planning on running for a while yet though. I am fairly sure that my marathon days are over at this point, though more from no time to train with my little ones, DH and four dogs than prolapse issues!