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I have come to realize how many women might not have come down with prolapse had they been exercising properly. Have you considered making a video or writing a book that is just very basic for women who have not yet come down with prolapse but who are just concerned with proper alignment and exercises for the female body? For prevention purposes only and because I want to do exercises that are geared towards the female body, I’m interested in your "First Aid for Prolapse" video, but because of the name, I’d want to keep it hidden. Same goes for the book. Perhaps a basic video titled something along the lines of “Exercise for the Female Body?” I know making a video or writing a book is a huge ordeal and isn’t just easily done, but I thought I’d just throw the idea out there. I think it’d be great to get this information out to women “before” they develop the problem. The video or book wouldn’t even have to be centered around prolapse – its main focus could just be proper alignment/exercise for the female body.

Anyway – I know you already think I’m phobic, haha, but I thought I’d send this idea out there anyway. It's great what you're doing with this field, and it'd be great for more people, not just people who already have the condition, to be aware of it.

Thanks Christine.

That is a very interesting thought QuestGirl, lets hope that Christine finds further fame through many new avenues in the future!!!! With the greatest respect however, I am wondering why you would want to keep the "First Aid for Prolapse" video hidden away? I really feel that it is precisely these kinds of sentiments which make the issue of prolapse such a shameful one for so many women. I feel strongly that it is women such as ourselves, with or without prolapse issues, who need to step forward and educate others without the shame which has plagued honest discussion of this condition for so very long. I am not questioning your interest and commitment to this, just suggesting that a general adjustment in viewpoint by ALL is sorely needed in relation to the whole topic of prolapse. :):) Michelle.

Thank you for your oh-so-true comments! :-)

Hi QuestGirl,

Thanks so much for asking and you can look forward to the Whole Woman Workout™ on video this summer!


Michelle - you made a very good point. :) I supposed I made the comment about keeping it hidden, because I'm a very private person in general, and prolapse, to me, is something that would be very personal, just as would be any medical problem I might have. I'm also young, single, and maybe even a bit immature still about some things. I do see the point you made though and appreciate you sharing it. :)

Christine, I am very excited to know of your video coming out. Thank you for letting us know! :)

I totally agree. It's pretty confronting stuff to put on the coffee table, or leave in the DVD player, but until we can do that, we cannot accept our bodies, and are unable to encourage others to 'come out'.

Our daughters, especially, need to know that we are relatively comfortable coming to grips with a body that changes in unexpected ways all by itself, and that we can live happily with it.

I wish my Mum had left stuff around for me to see, and that I could have discussed the changes in women's bodies with her, but alas, it didn't happen. I was lucky to get a Johnson & Johnson book about periods when I was 12! Luckily, I am a curious individual.