baby carriers


Baby has been sick for a few days. This morning, I carried him for 3 hours, first in my sling, then in the Ergo baby carrier, in the front (front pack). The Ergo is also a back pack.

When I first joined the forum, my main concern was baby carrying; at that point, I hardly felt like I could carry him at all, because when I did, I felt like I was holding it all in.

Today, I carried him in posture, and didn't at all feel like I had to hold everything in. In fact, holding the posture, I felt less tired than I used to feel after baby-wearing. Wow, imagine that -- better than before!

So, here' my question -- is it ok to carry in baby carriers for long periods of time with prolapse? Is one preferable to another? In sling, I hip carry, since he's 11 mos. old. I also am starting to change sides.

With the Ergo, I was concerned, because baby's weight is in front. It has a wide waist strap (adjustable, so it sits on hips and doesn't have to bind belly) and shoulder straps. The weight is distributed between hip and shoulders. After wearing him for a substantial time, I didn't feel things were worse down there. In fact, I felt great after.

Also, do you think back carry is better? I haven't tried to back carry him in posture yet. The Ergo, a soft carrier, chinese style, is also a back carrier. When I used the back position pre-prolapse, I tended to round my shoulders for fear he would fall out!

Anyway, my intuition tells me that carrying and strengthening the body via carrying is actually good for the body and prolapse, as long as the posture is maintained.


Anyone else's experience?

I think your instincts are very accurate. I hope Jane chimes in here, because I'm a long way past baby carriers. Isn't it so very lovely to experience your body working with you? :-) I hope your little one is better soon!

I used the front slings with my all three of my babies and at some point I always ended up with shoulder and neck pain. I also found it very difficult to do stuff because like you I was afraid they would fall out. But all three of them loved it and were soothed by it and so I continued to use it even though I couldn't be sure it wouldn't hurt my shoulder. I never noticed prolapse feeling better or worse for it, but my all time baby soother (with #3) and posture supporter was the exercise ball. When I would sit on it with baby on my lap, he would melt! Come to think of it next time he has a fit (he's almost 17 months), maybe I should pull the ball out again. He still likes to be carried around and so I carry him on my hip because he's such a chunk. I switch hips often and don't really feel any negative effect. I do think your intuition into your body is your best tool.


I use both the "over the shoulder baby holder" and the "baby Bjorn" depending on what I am doing. I have to say that when I first found the prolapse I was scared of both these carrying methods but have found no ill effects from either, in fact I feel that things have improved considerably over the past couple of weeks or so. :) My little baby girl is now 12. 12!! I agree with you Marie that I think it actually helps me to feel better, stronger somehow as long as I maintain the posture. I am also less worried about lifting my toddler now and other general activities involving lifting which is just great! Hope your baby is on the mend soon.

Now that my body is getting stronger, I really enjoy carrying my little sweetie around in various carriers. I usually use a ring sling (by zolowear) or pouch (by mamma's milk slings) for short jaunts/shopping, and have a mei tai (traditional chinese carrier by meitaibaby) for longer trips. The mei tai is kind of similar to a Bjorn but places less pressure on baby's pelvis. It's super comfy for me as it holds her weight closer to my body thus less torque on my body/spine.

I do my best to stay in the posture while wearing baby, it was really difficult before but gets easier every day. I feel like this is actually really good functional strengthening for me. I also really love holding baby close to me, I feel that one of the reasons why she is such a calm baby is that she is in arms most of the time.

Let's hear it for us slingin' mamas :)!


Hi Michele,
Where did you get your Mei Tei carrier? (Sounds like an exotic drink! :) I would I think be interested in a carrier like this. So glad to hear of your continued progress!!!!!
Thank you.

I also recommend the Ergo Baby Carrier -- it is also a chinese style carrier and much better than the baby bjorn, in my opinion. Very comfortable. Can use in front or back. If you do a google search on ergo baby carrier, you'll find their site.

Michelle...My Mei Tai is from, she has some beautiful fabrics. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my cool baby carrier, and it's so comfy for both me and baby.

That said, I have heard great things about the Ergo carrier that rosewood mentioned. I haven't tried one myself but my chiropractor's wife has one and she loves it.