Rocking chairs and nursing positions


We have two really nice gliders, which I've "enjoyed" for all three children . . . until prolapse discovery! Now I cannot, with good conscience, sink back and rock my baby while he nurses, like I did the other two. I wonder how much all that rocking, esp. with respect to #2, who wanted to be held for all of her naps til 10 mos. old (which I accomodated, in the rocking chair, in varying degrees of bad posture); so, all this to ask, does anyone still use their rockers? And, any other ideas for good nursing positions besides the obvious lying down? So far, like today, with baby sick, I sit in rocker with straight spine and feet on nursing stool, not using the chair back. More comfy than sitting on floor cross-legged when he wants to nurse longer. For shorter nursings, I sit on the floor.

Yes, I use my rocker once a day now and I am always conscious that I am not in the correct posture when I do. I too have wondered what to do instead but for me it's really such a little time I will be using it still that I am going to continue to do so. My baby is now 1! as of Wed, and she is down to 2 bottles. One before nap that I give her and one before bed that 95% of the time her daddy gives her. So although I am concious of it, I don't know what else to do. I am not nursing anymore so I can kinda sit up straighter but you're right - rockers are NOT made for correct posture. I am interested in hearing Christine's and others suggestions.

Oh and mine's not a glider, it's my grandmother's old rocker so I bet it's not as comfortable as yours :-).

I don't use my rocking chair after finding Christine's site and learning the new posture. I sit in a chair with my feet on the floor and straight spine, no leaning, with a nursing pillow to nurse. It was very tiring at first but now it just feels normal. I was never able to nurse laying down. I never rocked my daughter to sleep before I knew about the prolapse anyway because she didn't like it. I actually sit cross-legged on my bed and she lays infront of me while I massage her legs and sing to her before naps. Before bed I walk and sing with her while trying to maintain the posture. I know Cristine touched on this subject before and she said to use the nursing sessions as rest periods so I think it would be okay sitting in the rocking chair. She then said standing is when the real work is done. I'm sure Christine will be able to explain more.

but my nursling is almost 2.5! I try to nurse him lying down but he doesn't like that very much so its usually sitting on the floor. our nursing sessions are many but short (some days I feel like a water fountain!) but I am enjoying them while they last.

I just ate a bowl of comfort soup slumped into the antique couch that belonged to my grandparents! It's going to be awhile before my environment contains no vestiges of upholstered furniture. You all are doing so well integrating the concepts and I think we all have to strike the perfect balance for us. I can't think of any object that speaks to the heart of civilization more than the rocking chair! I have two, although I never sit in them anymore. I can see no harm in continuing to nurse there occasionally. Your own body will tell you when you've spent long enough!

I wonder if a pillow to support your lower back would help if you needed to sit in the chair and needed the back support--like middle of the night? I never had a rocker myself and when baby was first born would only nurse lying down since I already knew of the prolapse and new that the immediate post-partum time special care needs to be taken. But as he got older, I'd lay him on a pillow on my lap to get him up high enough. But at times I would slump while nursing...can't be helped sometimes--just too late at night, too tired, etc. He weaned himself around a month ago, but right before he stopped, sometimes I'd be sitting on the floor and he'd stand up to nurse! Silly boy! It was like he wanted to be able to go play with something if it caught his eye while he was nursing.

May each of you love your little ones to pieces! They are little for such a short time (though when my three were little, it seemed like a long time and now that they are all adults it seems like such a short time!) Follow your motherly instincts--prolapse or no--nurse them however feels right to you and them and you will build such precious memories. What loving, caring mothers you all are. Hold them, hug them, rock them, rest with them! I will never regret using carriers with them as it was so comforting to have them so close to me.

I also have a glider which I used tons with my first and hardly at all this time though that has nothing to do with prolapse issues. I tend to nurse sitting cross legged on the sofa with a nursing pillow and my back fairly straight though my knees are higher than my hips, and I know this can cause issues with hip flexors etc but it feels comfy. I love the relaxation of nursing and tend to regard it as my resting time. I also nurse in bed lying down at night. Precious times............