Body: I haven't had a good belly laugh in months, partly b/c as most of you probably know from personal experience, UP can put a damper on your enjoyment of life (at least after initial shock), but also b/c I was avoiding any kind of ab. pressure. No kidding I have managed not to cough for 9 months. And somehow avoid getting sick. Well, I started to let go a little last night w/ some old friends..couldn't find her car in the parking lot of Target...started wondering out loud if it was stolen...but who would steal a saturn really...anyway, I was starting to laugh & I felt myself kind of tip back, momentarily out of THE posture, & had this feeling of tremendous pressure being exerted on my insides towards my lower back, along with shooting pain. I just don't get it.

Does anyone else here have this kind of pain when laughing? Christine, any ideas about what may cause it?



I just hope you don't experience it again. I also hope you learn to trust how sound your body is. I have women doing controlled jumping at the Whole Woman Center so they can experience for themselves how perfectly well their anatomy functions when they use their bodies well. No fear!