Homeopathy is helping!


I've decided to dive into homeopathy for some relief and am feeling and seeing NOTICEABLE positive affects! I only started this a few days ago and it's obvious the combination of the below list of things is helping a lot. My uterus is getting at least a 1" lift already!

In addition to doing WW posture as much as possible, I'm taking the following homeopathic supplements:

Cell Salt #1 (Silicea) 6x
- for connective tissue support
- 4 tablets, 3x/day, under tongue

Cell Salt #12 (Calc. Fluor.) 6x
- for tissue rebuilding & support
- 4 tablets, 3x/day, under tongue

Horsetail tincture
- for piles
- 30 to 40 drops, 2 to 4x/day in 1 TBSP water

Red Lead Raspberry Tea
- for toning uterus, reducing menstrual bleeding and for prolapse
- 2 cups per day
SIDE NOTE: I started drinking this in the middle of my period two weeks ago. I always have annoying trace amounts of bleeding for 3 days at the very end of my period. After drinking this tea I had ZERO! My period just stopped on Day 5! YAY! Can't wait to see what happens during my next period because I've been drinking two cups every day.

Sepia 200c*
- for prolapse, a mood lifter
- 1st 24 hrs. - 3 tablets., 3x/day, under tongue. Then 1 tablet, 3x/day & continue reducing as sympstoms improve.

Cortesia Solomon's Seal #5 Tincture (True Solomon's Seal)
- for prolapse, menopausal symptoms, PMS, UTIs, vaginitis
- 10-15 drops, 3x/day, in water

* avoid caffeine while taking. This means NO caffeine all day while taking this. Otherwise it won't work as well, if at all.

I still want to order Lady's Mantel as I hear that is supposed to really help the pelvic floor.

Anybody else try these? I'll update as I see changes.

Glad you have found something that appears to work for you. Nothing like the good old quick fix. I personally have no interest in drinking out of little bottles of water with a memory of a herb. I also do not see how such a concoction could help anyone, but if it does it for you then I am very pleased.
I am not sure how old you are, but don't give up on WWposture and blow any chance you have of preventing its reappearance at child birth or menopause.

Like you, I was skeptic as well. It really IS working. Trust me, I will incorporate the posture as well.


Truffle. But no, not as skeptical as me, for I have not gone out and bought any homeopathic products. Lots of people try them, after all at least one homeopathic pill factory is valued at the $1000 million mark. The point is, there have been numerous trials of homeopathic medicines and none of them have performed any better than a placebo. So if you have been the recipient of a placebo effect, again congratulations. Then again it could be that your uterine prolapse was due to get better anyway: this is called regression to the mean. Then again there is always a 1% chance, even with terminally ill cancer patients, of getting better with no intervention at all. With uterine prolapse when I was young in my twenties it got better when I no longer had to lift my child so often.

Adopting this fully-extended posture is a big commitment. It takes time and lots of work. It may seem harmless enough for you to be doing all this homeopathy at the same time. But I think it's a matter of focus and of priorities for where you expend your efforts. Doing the posture "as much as possible" should be changed to read "living in the posture all the time". We're just here to point out that although this is an open forum where anyone can post, homeopathic supplements are not a part of this program. If you are doing the posture and taking these supplements at the same time, I'm unclear as to how you would even know what's making you feel better. Why not just give posture a try for awhile? Surviving

Wow, I thought this forum was about any and ALL prolapse treatments. I see now the focus is to only be Christine's work. Hmmm... too bad.

This is the Whole Woman forum, founded by and dedicated to the proven teachings of Christine Kent. Anyone can post, but the moderators and other members who owe their quality of life to this work, will comment when appropriate. - Surviving60

I hope I'm not crossing any lines I am still VERY new here n I NEVER want to offend anyone or hurt feelings! Please don't take offense to what these knowledgeable women are saying. They r trying to teach you what they know to be true! They have had years of experience n have been taught everything prolapse from the pioneer for women suffering prolapse everywhere, Christine! If they say to make posture a priority they are just speaking from years of experience. They are just trying to look out for your best interests! I speak from my own experience. These posts aren't just for one person they are for all the women that come here looking for answers. If u post something n say it works n the moderators know from experience that its not all u make it out to be its their duty to post their opinion so that new members like me who r desperate for answers don't go out n buy all the homeopathic things you're suggesting. They are not giving their opinion to hurt you they are doing it to inform the rest of us reading! They want the best for us! These are caring women who have dedicated their lives to helping women w prolapse n if they recommend something it's probably in your best interest n others to try it!! I wish u the best n hope I didn't cross any lines!

I understand where you are coming from, and sympathize with Truffle's position as well. We are all very different people. I believe differences ought to be celebrated even as they are rigorously debated over. I agree that doing many methods of prolapse treatment at a time will make it difficult at best to know what is working and why. That said, prolapse is an issue that, personally, I could not even write or speak of in the first person until I found this forum. I would be very disappointed if my choices in how I decide to deal with my condition were not honored or at least accepted to be rightly my choices within this group, even if, when, and while many may disagree with me and say so. I take supplements--ought I not to mention this here? I am still deciding whether to have surgery. If I ever did choose this for myself, without ever suggesting others do likewise of course, would I no longer be welcome here? If I can speak my opinion on the matter of what is and isn't acceptable for discussion: I feel threatened and frustrated when I perceive someone as merely sharing a positive development in her life and, again just my perception, it feels like it is met with hostility or rejection. I feel there is a real significant difference between disagreeing with someone, and perhaps doing so justifiably, and insinuating that the matter under discussion should not even be spoken of. So far, I haven't seen anyone spam the group or say anything blatantly inappropriate. So I simply do not understand why it is inappropriate to mention something we feel positive about, which we are doing for ourselves, and which makes us empowered when disempowerment, despair, and dis-ease is everywhere. If a person's claims are inaccurate or unscientific, that is important to know: but why go further and suggest that it would be better were the topic to never arise in the first place?

Again I will merely speak for myself, but I have found that these health problems often led me as a woman to reject my right to be a full woman. Whatever less than beliefs I was programmed to believe as a child overwhelmed me to the point that I thought I could not escape the horror of what I felt I had become. My self esteem and feelings of worth are often shattered, and the number of places I've found to openly discuss my situation are few and far between. Just a few weeks ago I was so lost and disgusted with myself that I was not sure I wanted to live (I was still under the impression that mesh was my only option) and I experienced a moment in which I almost hurt myself. Sometimes even my family members refuse to discuss this with me, deciding that I am merely choosing to be a victim or espousing that I created these problems in some newagey fashion. I can't imagine being told or being shown within this group that my story, beliefs, journey, opinions, acceptance, is conditional.

I am part of a narcissistic abuse recovery group centered around the work of a woman who empowered herself, found solutions to the grave situation she was in,, and dedicated her life to helping other women do the same-- not unlike Christine. The group is dedicated to her work, but if someone mentions she has found solace in guided meditation or The Power of Now, or that she gained insight from another forum on narcissism, her comment will not be shut down. Of course, if all a person does is whine she'll hear about it, but the group has specific codes of conduct explaining what is and is not acceptable and why.

Do we have a code of conduct for this forum that new members can read? I know your comment was directed at Truffle, but there is really no difference between her decisions to work on posture along with other supplemental methods and my choice to do the same in different ways. This is why I have taken time to respond, as I feel I could have easily been the person at the center of this discussion. How does this group deal with disagreement, acceptance, and respect while keeping the integrity of maintaining scientific accuracy and continuing to mainly focus on Christine's approach? I felt personally silenced by some of the comments in this thread and am wondering if there are ways to go about challenging particular claims and ideas, while at the same time continuing to accept and love the people who pose them. Thanks for your thoughts/guidance on this as I am quite new and don't yet know exactly how the group opperates. Thanks!

After my other post I wanted to say that I know first hand just how many many things we always thought would work and would help our prolapses were completely wrong! I wanted to echo Wantmylifeback's gratitude and enthusiasm about the wonderful women here and all your amazing knowledge. You have already helped me so much, and yes I hope I didn't cross any lines either. I think it is a blessing to have knowledgeable people here who can tell us when we are wasting our time on something or making things worse by engaging in some activity. If it weren't for this group I'd still be doing Kegels! My reply had much more to do with the statements about what the forum is and isn't for than it had anything to do with the replies that homeopathy probably isn't going to work and shouldn't be a priority. Hope that makes sense. I am incredibly grateful to have found this group. It's important for me that I know that even if I say something inaccurate, unknowingly of course, my idea will be rejected without needing to let me know I was wrong or disfavored for bringing it up. If our comments are inaccurate, that is one thing and important to find out: if our comments are unwelcome, that is quite another and would be very unfortunate indeed to find out. I don't think anyone-- unless they have other problems too-- deliberately posts false information. Perhaps this is just my own insecurities coming out about belonging in a group, especially after feeling like I deserved nothing and was unloveable because of my prolapses. Putting myself out here was terrifying and I felt I was taking a great risk: perhaps if someone can just reassure me that everyone is valued here even if our suggestions aren't always in our best interest, that will really be all I'm wanting. I got worried that I would have to start watching what I say.

I was beginning to feel the same way. Although I am putting into practice the basic fundamentals of WW Posture and Breathing, I am feeling my way with other things that this forum is promoting.

WW Posture and Breathing will not fix all my problems, but so much of what I'm reading here is opening my mind to necessary changes in my lifestyle.

I appreciate all the help I am receiving here ... and I hope I can feel free to share my comments and concerns.

In my experience here, those who try to throw multiple popular solutions at their prolapse problem end up just dabbling in the posture work and never really "getting it". That being said, I certainly don't want to step on anyone's beliefs or hopes. For me, it is ALL about the posture, and Christine's decade of research and experience have shown this to be true. I really wish that every woman who comes here will be able to learn this for herself. But not all will.

Any advice posted on this forum by anyone could be construed as coming from Christine or WW. A scared newly-prolapsed woman could land on this page and decide that WW recommends homeopathy for prolapse.

WW focuses on the posture work and all the aspects of healthy living that go along with this fundamental whole-body corrective work. That is our important message.

For those who want to take the aforementioned supplements and substances, that is your personal choice. Each of us has that choice of what we do with and put into our bodies. We stress here what we know works. - Surviving

PS: As anyone knows who has been around here for awhile, we will discuss anything. We do not shy away from controversy, we all speak our minds.

I guess it was not so much what was said, but HOW it was said. I believe that you are correct that we should be focusing here on what Christine & Co. have proven to work. But we do need to consider each others' feelings when we communicate back and forth.

.... just my opinion of course .... and I'm new here too

Well, I am sorry to offend anyone. I've gotten people mad at me before and I've sworn to myself I'd be more careful. I guess I'm not totally succeeding at that. I'm a stickler for keeping the focus on posture and Christine's teachings because that is what we do here. I too was a scared newbie once, and I'm almost glad I avoided the forum and went right for the posture information on the site and in the book. That was my salvation! - Surviving

You're a sweetie, Surviving60

We appreciate you here

btw -- I'm leery about homeopathic remedies too. I much prefer to do whatever I can using basic diet -- fruits & veggies & whatever else is good for me in proper quantities. :-D

Thanks w2k.

Attitude and faith in what you're doing are a large component of prolapse management. Anyone who feels that she is doing something that helps, is probably right. I tend to forget that sometimes, and I don't mind it when someone reminds me! Love to you all! - Surviving

Hi Surviving, I really respect your desire to keep the focus on Christine's work in order to not mislead us newbies who are, if my own experience is an indication, very scared indeed. Just wanted you to know that I have been doing the posture dilligently since finding the site, regardless of the fact that I also do acupuncture, and take some herbal supplements. Everything is helping me in slightly different ways to combat these multiple problems. I am also one of those whose benefitted as much from the forum and community as from the posture: I was so utterly alone, and felt like a freak. Then finally after months of searching, I found women who were living their lives, happy, and not afraid to share their prolapse stories. That's a gift in itself! Thank you all for being there for me like no one else ever could!

I didn't see anything said that even hinted that we couldn't express ourselves. Each member only gave their opinion on what would help prolapse more. Surviving, I treasure your advice. You have never steered me wrong. I have followed your advice to a tee n I am getting better every day. Please don't try to watch what you say! I value your straight forward n to the point opinions! If I start to do something that in your experience is starting me on a path of loosing focus on what comes first I want you to tell me!! You r a major influence in a seriously important positive turn around in my life! I would not be where I am today with out your advice

Truffle: This does not mean you cannot talk about what you want on this forum. What it does mean is that others will come in with their thoughts on the subject. They are as equally entitled to their opinion as the original poster. If subsequent posts go against the ideas of the original poster then you may have found this upsetting, but it is all part of the conversation and offers you the opportunity to see things from other perspectives and perhaps assert the rightness of your own cause. I did catch your enthusiasm to share your cure and acknowledge that you were kind to do so. And we do need to emphasize WWposture. This is what the wisdom of this forum is about. It does not mean we are not open to new ideas. What it does mean, because women are seeking advice here all the time, that we examine ideas for their worth and sometimes challenge them. We do try to maintain the integrity of what Christine is about here on this forum because it is intricately connected to the WW site and Christine’s research.

Wantmylifeback: Thank you for your spot-on explanation of what Surviving and myself were doing. I’m really glad you “get it”.

Tree woman: Supplements are not generally frowned upon, but WW empathizes the importance of ultimately managing your prolapse with good foods which give you good nutrition, digestive and elimination practices whatever your dietary preferences may be: being all the time aware that dietary needs vary from individual to individual. Acupuncture is an alternative medicine which is now undergoing double blind testing in different areas depression (Australia) and COPD (Japan) and has proven to be highly effective. We are all waiting for testing to be done on POP, but until then our best bet is WW and perhaps even after then, who knows?

Want to know: WWposture takes time. We have all tried different exercise programs in our lifetimes and given them away when we no longer needed them. WWposture however is something we recommend you adopt now while young and maintain throughout your life. It is the only insurance we know to prevent later life on-set prolapse.

Now for the elephant in the room. Some of you would be familiar with group theory. When random people form a group even a cyber space one such as a forum on the www, they go through a number of stages: forming, storming, norming and performing. What has occurred on this thread is the second stage; storming. This is where the leader is challenged. After this point the group however loosely bonded gets on with the job, in this case WW, and then work together until such time as they reach maximum peak performance and then leave the group. I’m sure that Surviving has not taken any comments personally and I also hope that no-one else feels too battered and/or embarrassed, but in some groups they do and leave at that point. All I am saying, basically, is that you all have important work to be done so hang in there and get it done.

I wanted to add, you and your passionate words have changed my life! I hope u read this n it doesn't get lost in the stream of posts to follow! You took this scared n lost n alone woman n gave me knowledge n support n helped me to turn my life around!! I hope you never feel like you need to silence the passion you have for helping the women that desperately need to learn the WW way of life!! Please keep being yourself n know that we are so lucky to have you here n I for one look forward to what you r going to say every morning! I have found a solace in your advice n look forward to reading more of your posts each day!!!

You are also a VITAL part of a major turn around in my life! Every single word of advice you have given me has held absolutely true!! NOTHING you have ever told me to do has been wrong!! I have followed your advice to a tee also n every single thing you have told me has made a DRASTIC improvement in my life n POP!! You are a wealth of knowledge and I am thankful to The Lord I have you on my team! (POP Teacher Team)! You have dedicated your life to helping women like me n you are GREATLY appreciated!! Also you are a lyrical genius n I hope you have applied your talents elsewhere bc your humorous wordplay should be read by people all over the globe!! Thank you so much for your devotion!! We need you!!

Thank you, Fab

I truly am adopting WW Posture and making it a way of life. In everything I do, whether walking, standing, sitting, gardening or lifting, I ask myself: "Am I doing it right?? Am I breathing right??"

I know that I am never consistent at exercising, so I do plan once in a while to try the exercises, but I believe that I have already felt changes because of developing new habits

I've taken to carrying a lumbar support with me wherever I go, whether sitting in the car or sitting at a meeting. I've adjusted my office work-area so that I can sit up straight and not 'hunch over'.

My next step is to go through my clothing and discard those things that are restricting to my stomach. I've gone through my belts, and am only keeping those that are stretchy and adjustable. I plan to make and buy clothes that are beautifully feminine, but not restrictive.

Because of the need to reduce the fibroid, I am aware that it is very necessary for me to follow the WW Posture. If I don't, my prolapse will probably worsen.

I am truly serious about this and I'm spreading the word to others.

To clarify my statement that I'm doing the WW posture "as much as possible", I mean that I'm doing it approximately 75% of the time. The remaining 25% is because I only started doing this posture exactly THREE weeks ago. I'm still learning.

I understand that this forum doesn't promote the use of homeopathic remedies. That is fine. I have found another prolapse forum which is thick with this information and I thought I'd be nice and share what I've learned over there and what I'm doing because I truly see and feel a NOTICEABLE lift within 48 hours after taking the Sepia 200c and the cell salts I mentioned in this thread. If the WW posture is the reason for this sudden, and again, noticeable change, then so be it. Does WW posture work that fast? Who knows. As everyone keeps saying, every body reacts differently.

My goal is to WORK UP TO 100% WW posture until I get the hang of it. As I said, I have only been doing it for 3 weeks.

So I have only been doing the ww posture for five days, and do it about 75% of the time. I hope I'm not stearing away from the thread, but the reason I'm not yet doing 100% is that I get exhausted. Any tips on how to sit for hours writing a dissertation or stand for 30 mins waiting for a bus in ww posture and not exhaust out?

Wantmylifeback, you are an absolute dear. I love all of your posts, they simply radiate with everything that is so wonderful about this work.

Fab, well, you're my hero as always. You always get down to the real nitty-gritty, and you have such a knack for breaking the big problems down into manageable bits. An encyclopedia of knowledge and experience.

Want2know, another new face here who is really "getting it" and helping to spread the word....nothing so helpful to others as to hear of early successes. Thank you.

Tree Woman, I doubt anyone could sit for hours without getting exhausted, so the key is variation. It's hard to sit perched on the edge of a soft chair, and I've noticed that so many chairs expect you to have your butt lower than everything else. With some chairs, that angle can be adjusted.

Can you work on the floor? That will get tiring too, but there are different positions you can switch off to. Cross-legged, or legs out in front, or even legs underneath (a pillow can help with this). You'd of course need some kind of low table for your work.

Overall your best best is a chair that you can sit forward on, where gravity is not constantly trying to pull you back. And of course, get up and move around more frequently. Even if it breaks your concentration every time you do, the discomfort of not getting up will do the same.

Standing for 30 minutes, if you find that tiring now, will get easier. Vary the positions of your feet. Try this one - turn out from the hips and exaggerate your posture and bend your knees slightly. You'll feel a nice stretch and your organs are pretty stable in this position. Another one is to actually cross your feet in this position, and bend backwards just a bit. - Surviving

5 days into my homeopathy treatment and my prolapse is still doing well. What's great is not having the usual bulge after each meal, especially dinner which is always worse because it's also the end of the day. Instead, I have fairly consistent organ lift throughout the day. My uterus is still at the opening, but it no longer hangs out the 1/2" to 1" it was doing every day.


I believe in God and that he provides cure. I prayed a lot to God and then asked him for direction in the healing process . I was guided to use Symphytum homeopathic and I am thankful that God almighty is improving the condition. Dear sisters keep believing and asking God for help.

I have been reading this post from this member from way back in 2013 and wonder if there has been any update from her?? I am in the same position and am interested to see if her improvement has lasted or if she is still struggling.... elcie

If you are looking for posts by a particular member, you can click on her user name and go to the "track" tab. This will show you a list of all the discussion threads to which she has contributed. You need to be logged in to do this. - Surviving

thank you - I checked out the posts but there is nothing concerning the particular one I am interested in. I am going ahead under advice my naturopath anyway. I am keen to try and see if I can help myself with the problem. The uterine prolapse is no joke, and anything I can do to make it easier is fine with me. Cheers elcie