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Okay I have the video and book and have seen pictures of the posture but is there a way (like a little trick) to see if I have the posture right. When I look in the mirror it looks like my stomach is sticking out a lot. Should I be holding it in somewhat? I don't know if it is because I had a baby and still haven't lost my tummy. Is it okay if it sticks out? Thanks.

If you feel you have too much fat around your belly, boost your aerobic-type exercise a bit or bike riding or fast walking.

The abdomen should be gently stretched into a subtle curve from breastbone to pubic bone. It can be a chubby belly or a skinny belly, as long as the spinal shape is there to support it well.

Did you see the model in the posture FAQ? There's one example. I'm another - I have LOTS more belly than her but have gotten accustomed to it being "out there" in a way that I now see to be natural and attractive. Others may disagree -ha!- but I believe our present concepts about the female belly are totally and unhealthfully culturally contrived.

Thank you for your response Christine. I think I get enough aerobic activity. I bike twice a week and do yoga once a week, along with the exercises from your video. I am underweight right now a little because I'm breastfeeding and have had to eliminate some foods because of my baby's allergies. However, even before being pregnant if I gained weight it always seemed to go to my stomach. So now postpartum it continues to be where the fat remains :) I have seen the model in the posture FAQ and her stomach looks a lot flatter than mine which is why I was wondering. I will look again at your posture in the video. Thanks again. I do feel a lot more feminine standing in this posture. I tell my mom that I used to stand like a man before! I have looked at children also and see their tummies sticking out along with their butts :)

That photo i took of my daughter went...

I looked at her - copied her natural posture - and wahey - all is now well - if it wasnt for my continual checking i would not even notice I have a prolapse :) (Though the problems it has left me with at this moment are allllll mental - I am the worlds biggest worrywart)

Maybe Christine can track the photos I took of Devon down?

i can't find them anywhere


Everything like that is missing, my t-shirt document and photos too. I sent the programmers a long list of "bugs", but haven't heard back. This project went way over budget and turned out to be a huge hassle. I know we'll get it sorted out, but it will take a bit more time.