swimming with pop?


Is is okay to go swimming if you have pop?

I haven't seen any comments regarding swimming if you have pop. Other than swim suits hard on the belly, how prone is one to get infection by going swimming?

Hi Barbie - If you put "swimming" in the search box up above left, you will see numerous discussion threads. Swimming shouldn't be a problem....you can read the comments. - Surviving

Hi barbie doll,
I have prolapse and do lots of swimming....no problems.
The pool I swim in has always been chlorinated, i have not experienced any problems. Recently that changed the pool to saltwater, oh it is so much nicer to swim in. (Not essential, I am just thinking how lucky I am they have changed over)
I do freestyle and breaststroke. What is also really good is putting some flippers on and using a kick board with arms out in front. I find this gives me perfect ww posture, and it is a really good workout for the legs.
Hope my comments help.

Hi I have started my swimming lessons i had four classes i find i calming n in the morning feel much better i do use coconut oil on that part before i go to swim n wear loose clothes just t shirt n night pyjamas .....enjoy swimming

Hey Barbie Doll, don't be scared of swimming, especially in a well-santised pool. It is probably much cleaner than your own bath! Remember that there is not anything wrong with your actual uterus, bladder or rectum when you have POP. They are just not in their normal place. Your cervix works exactly the same as it always did, to keep water out of your uterus, which is self cleaning anyway. Likewise, your bladder will flush out if any water gets in your urethra, and if any water gets in your rectum, that too will come out, just like a water enema does.

Also, when I am in water all my pelvic organs float. I don't feel any pressure at all. If I feel in my vagina with my fingers, it is very open inside, unlike when I am standing. Sure, there is lots of water in there, but it all comes out again pretty quickly when I get out.

If swimming was damaging for women with POP I am sure many of us would be dead or very sick by now ... and we aren't.


I recently purchased a New Balance Rock and Tone shoes because they were on sale. I wore it today to do my daily 2 mile walk to help my cystocele. I was amazed at how the shoes helped my posture so much that my cystocele disappeared during my whole walk. Has anyone else experienced this effect with a rock and tone shoes?

... it probably is. This looks like an ad to me. What's it got to do with swimming? They might be good shoes, but it is not likely that they made your cystocele disappear. More likely to be the walking.

Thank you for your comments regarding my swimming and shoes questions. I was reading the comments for my swimming questions when I saw the comment space. Then I thought about the shoes since I had just come home from walking. I'm not sure where I should have entered my shoes question.

I really appreciated everyone's comments on swimming. I hadn't gone swimming since I was diagnosed with pop 2 years ago and wondered what I would do in HI when the rest of my family went swimming. I took your advice and went swimming at the beach and pools. Was okay.

Didn't mean to offend you. I get distracted by pretty things too!

Glad the swimming went OK. Everything is kinda weightless in the water, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Every time I have doubts about something, always find my answers here!!
Thank you again Whole Woman, for being here for me.
An early best wishes to you all out there, Happy Holidays whatever your religion believe is! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

No question about it TC - a dozen years worth of priceless information and insights packed into this forum database. Literally everything has been discussed many times. A world of knowledge! Glad you found what you were looking for. - Surviving