Just to Hello


Hi Christine and Everyone,

Your new format looks very elegant and is very nice....Good Job!

I just thought I should let some of the new girls/women know that I am someone who started using Christine's suggestions about posture et al over two years ago. I recall that I was 'new member #100' (which is supposedly the "critical mass number" that tips the scales of 'our non-local consciousness' ) Anyway....I am now 59 years old and I have stabalized my prolapse to the point where I hardly ever notice it anymore. At times when things do slip down a bit, I certainly am not concerned nor bothered by it....I go merrily about my daily chores, pull myself up into the proper posture and continue my little life which includes quite a bit of phyiscal work and lots of energy. I may even have more energy now than I did 5 or 6 years ago (menopuasal years) As I said in some other posts (way back somewhere), I really think that changing my posture has not only stabalized the prolapse but it has given me a strong inner balance and powerful 'stance' mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel confident, healthy, beautiful and gracious, without a doubt.

I don't write very often, but I do join in often to read the posts; keeping up with new information and I always like to read Christine's comments and hear how she is doing with her new 'women's health studio'....What a marvelous achievement in such a short time....that's the power of this work in all its glory!

Thanks Christine for your devotion to this work, for all you have done for me and all you continue to do,

S. Joy Bliss

Sandy-Joy, thank you so much for still being here with us!! This is such a sweet homecoming...you, Mare, Sybille, Marie, Holly (she emailed me) and so many others...still here and still doing the work of becoming. All love and gratitude to you, JoyBliss.

Hi to all, I'm still here also, just haven't been too successful with this new forum and I do get frustrated easily! Sorry, not your fault, I'm just old and don't have the patience to sit on my computer very long!
Besides my new job, we are having other problems in the family, but I won't go there now. Things will get better, in time, I know!
I'm still reading comments and it's been 1 year since being diagnosed!I am still aware of the prolapse, but I just take it in stride now. When it really gets low, I lay on my belly and read or if I'm at work, I bend over a lot (make sure my butts' not sticking up at someone)! I don't use the sponges too much lately, don't know why. I figure I can do O.K. without, so I do! My diet goes from good to bad, and that's because of the depression, I know. I still don't eat red meat, maybe 9 months now. I still have so many problems with my bowels, I have to take prune juice or laxatives every night, which I know is not good for you! I still drink milk, which may be the problem. I eat fruits and veggies a lot. I don't want to go to the doctor and have the colonoscopy, so I just live with it. Maybe I'm too stubborn, but I am very disgusted with the medical profession, since that gyno got mad at me for refusing the surgery! I guess he couldn't go out and buy that new "Rolls Royce" that he wanted.
I still enjoy checking up on all the new gossip, and good luck to all the newbies here. Love, Nancy

I've thought about you and hoped you weren't having a lot of trouble with this new format. There's still work to be done on it, but I think we'll get it to a comfortable point. Hope all is well at home and with the job...your bum comment cracked me up!