Ayurveda Sutra..


I found this site what do u think about these treatment n case studies? Please advice

Looks interesting. It seems that the first woman had quite serious fibroids which would not have helped her condition, and that the fibroids were much smaller after treatment. The nappy that was used as a support garment would also have had significant benefit, in getting her uterus back into the vagina and keeping it there, where it was able to heal, lose its inflammation and become smaller. The herb could well have added to the healing effect. The evidence seems to be there. She was 44 years of age, just the age when heavy bleeding and fibroids seem to be at their worst. These can resolve quite quickly once the hormonal conditions are right and other factors are attended to.

Bluesky, we are not herbalists. We have the techniques that we know work. That does not mean that there are not other things that will help. If you think it is worth trying, then by all means try it. Find a good Ayurvedic practitioner and see what they say. Report back on the results and share them with us.

However, do get your posture organised, and learn to use your body in ways that will not undo the progress you make. Prolapse is for life. We really do need to do things differently for the rest of our lives so that our prolapsed organs will stay inside us and do not worsen. That is the way to be able to lead a full and normal life with prolapse, but with minimal or no symptoms.


Dont know what to expect but hoping that something out there in the nature speeks n tells there is the medicine for so n so...

Hi Bluesky,
I am interested in Ayerveda and have been impressed by some of the Ayurvedic contacts and treatments I've had in the past. It seems a very comprehensive and senstive system. However I don't have enough knowledge to advise. But generally I am well disposed towards Ayurveda if you find a good practitioner.

I looked with interest at the link you gave. The Ayurvedic advice looked good, although I have to say it was well over my head, so I guess I'm not in an informed position to say.

However on the same link/site; 'ayurvedasutra.com/prolapse' link that I saw, with Dr T M Shrivanandaiah, there were also descriptions of the modern Western view and treatment of pelvic organ prolapse. Eg I did not see any description of the importance of good(/naural/ww) posture and how imprtant this is in improving symptoms and returning the pelvic organs to their natural position. There were also descriptions of modern medical treatment including kegels/pelvic floor exercises, estrogen replacement therapy and surgerigal operations for pelvic organ prolapse. This makes me think that, from their point of view from Western medicine at least, they are working from a different basic understanding of the problem (pelvic bone and organ positions within the body), and offer different treatment options when it comes to allopathic medicine (such as surgery) compared to WW treatment. So I would not endorse their advice re allopathic medicine and am not in a position to pass comment re. their Ayurvdic recommendations.

The WW practice is a top to toe approach including key elements; posture, diet, good elimination and happiness/reduction of stress.

Wishing yo all the best,

Hi I spoke to he Dr in the web site and He said i need to email my scan report ( which will take time) and he would send me the medicine, diet plan and excersise... I am not saying will it work or not but Ayurveda may help at least i am hoping i can be wrong its still early days every thing is in Lords hands...

If at all i try in the future i will keep posting ....Godwilling...

Hi Bluesky. You have received lots of great information and encouragement from the wonderful women here. I can understand your wanting to throw lots of different solutions at this problem, but I'm not sure if that's the best approach. Are you giving the WW program a chance? There is so much proven science behind Christine's approach and so many women here who have been helped. There are plenty of things that will help you feel better, and you can try any and all of them if you want. But if you are interested in actually getting those organs back to where they belong, this is the only way to go. - Surviving

Can u plz advice any thing on my bouncing belly i have very large n loose belly

I agree that WW posture is the heart of the way forward i will be watching the dvd asap God willing
I have to improve with my posture n perticularly when i am out with twin pram i think i have to work on it a lot ....n loads to learn n impliment....

Bluesky, if you have belly fat, you can’t really lose weight from just that spot; if you do lose, you will lose it from all over (including there). If you are talking about loose skin, I don’t think there is anything you can do about that, except plastic surgery!

Whole Woman work does strengthen and tone your belly in a safe, prolapse-friendly way (especially Whole Woman Yoga 3rd Wheel). And don’t forget to pull up your chest when you are in posture. That gives a nice, strong, beautiful line to your body…and keeps you from feeling floppy. - Surviving

When you are wheeling your twin pram, try to keep your shoulders relaxed and low, your upper back flat and broad and your lumbar curve in place. You might find that pushing the pram with the handle against your pelvis will allow your legs and lower body to do the pushing so you don't hunch over and tilt your pelvis back.

If you need to push extra hard it might work best to bend over from the hips, with butt out, relaxed belly, lumbar curve intact and arms stretched out in front of you. The sensations you can feel in your vulva will tell you which works better and produces less symptoms.