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Okay this might sound weird but I will share it anyway :) I have been very distressed about my pants since holding the new posture. They are so uncomfortable! Since I am on mat. leave I can usually wear comfortable clothes at home but whenever I went out I had to undo my pants when sitting. It was so annoying. So I came up with an idea. When I was pregnant I remember they had a lot of pant styles that look like "normal" pants. You could not tell they were maternity pants. Of course near the end of my pregnancy I had pants with the elastic cloth that pulls up over your belly but the other pants for early on and postpartum look like non-maternity pants. The only difference is there is a section at the back that is elastic. So I decided to go shopping this week. I tried on all sorts of pants and jeans that are really trendy looking but sooooooooo comfortable. They fit perfectly for the posture. I just got a size smaller than I had during my pregnancy. I can sit and walk etc. without the pants digging into my stomach. Also the new style in "regular" stores is long shirts so many stores have long tank tops and t-shirts. I bought all sorts of styles and colours to wear underneith some of my regular shirts so that my rounded belly isn't showing. I feel so much better. The funny thing is when I went to this maternity store while pregnant I remember the girl saying some woman buy these pants even when they aren't pregnant. I thought that was so weird.......I guess it wasn't weird at all. Hope this helps someone else :)

Thank you so much for this, Mommynow!! I’ve tried so hard to stress the importance of clothing, but have a sense that many might think it’s just because I like clothes or something. No! It’s because I can feel so-so then get dressed and go for a trip walking about town in my low-waisted/high-back belted pants and my prolapse improves considerably!

I think your idea is fabulous and thank you so much for sharing it with us. More designers need to get a clue about exactly what “women’s” clothing means!!


I allways buy french pant stlye undies low waisted with no leg elastic and one to two sizes bigger than my acutal size. They are very pretty a great fit with no tightness anywhere. So comfortable.

This style is common in the younger stores (for under low rise jeans and things i suppose,) but are great for women in our position i think. They are flattering on the ass too!


Oh Ann-Helen, you lucky ducky. I can only buy one style of knickers in my li'l ol' town, and have to drive for an hour to get to a major shopping centre. I was looking for the type you describe in a major chainstore only this week.

Hmm, I don't think Aussie chicks have discovered the wonders of lo-rise boxers yet. They all wear men's boxers for PJ's. There really isn't room for anything else in my daughter's stretch denim jeans than her butt and a teensy weensy G-string, I'm afraid ;-).

So out with the sewing machine again. I have found a pattern for french knickers and camisole, both cut on the bias, Quik Sew 2199. I have made a few prototype knickers with minor alterations from scrap fabric, and think I have the final version ready for some fine voile or silk. Stretch knit would probably work well too. The good thing about bias cut is that it does away with gathers and fullness at the waistline. Cut to fit your individual body shape they more or less stay up by themselves, with only very fine elastic in the waist, and they stretch round the belly if you bend or sit, so no extra intraabdominal pressure.

Let's hear it for baggy britches!


Does anyone else have a tummy that sticks out even if you are thin? Part of my problem is my spine, I think the prolapse and the spine curve have pushed my tummy forward. I don't know what else it could be, but it bothers me. I buy stretch jeans, low rise and I can make it work, but I don't have that slender look anymore and I have not gained weight. Please advise. Thanks, Linda
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