Hi Everybody!!!!

Geeeemini-Christmas! I thought we were going down for an hour or so and it turned into weeks!! There were tremendous problems moving all the data from the old forum. It had something to do with the custom script the old forum software was written in...bottom line the web developers had to manually move a jillion files over here - a process that took several days. We could've just started over, but it would've been a shame to lose all the old posts.

So...here we are!! I hope you all like the new site!!! I love it, although there are still a few little things to work out. I think the font size is a bit small, which is completely changeable (at least on the forum) once I figure out how!!

I gave my first class today at the Whole Woman Center!! Okay, it was only one student, but she was a delightful lady and so appreciated the concepts. I have more coming on Friday.

I'm so looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing!

Please write back!

:-) Christine

Your new site is beautiful. It was great to see pictures of the Whole Woman Center, too. I wish I lived closer! I'd love to fly out to visit some day. Good luck with your classes, Christine. The women in your area don't know how lucky they are to have you!
Heather H

Your site is very nice, although I was not able to log on using my old information. Had to recreate an entire "new me." I will forget, I am sure, the information I posted in order to sign on here.

Glad to see you are up and running. Everything is holding and we are finally enjoying sunny weather in the NW.


Hi Christine,

Well done on your site and your first class!

So far i like some things and am getting used to the newness of some others. One thing has me stumped though and that is how to post an e-mail that is not liked to someone elses as a reply. I.e the new post button.

I hope you don't mind me saying this but i miss the differenciation of colours from the last site, i don't quite remember what way it was different- perhaps the text was set against one colour and then this sat in a box.

It must be aging but i thought i could differenciate that a little better.

And am delighted that the bigger type face is coming back - oh god the eyes are definately shot! :)

Best wishes


Hi Christine! I missed you!
I love the new site. WW has come so far in the short time I've been here. It is very exciting. Wish I could come and visit your new center

I missed you and everyone too, Granolamom!! This IS a little community now and it’s so nice to be back in our “neighborhood!” Thanks so much for the support and once we get everything together we’ll be a much stronger force on the Web than before.

I agree with you, Anne-Helen about the format. It’s now up to me to figure out how to make these changes. There’s a “who’s online” function, which is a nice feature, but I couldn’t for the life of me get it to turn on. There is also a “newest member” feature, but what I don’t see is a member count – something I think is really important. New people looking at the site have no idea that we are almost 700 members strong!

I wish you could’ve sent some of that rain this way, Sybille!! We literally had no summer (our rainy season) and now we’ve seen no winter, which is when the snow pack slowly feeds the ancient pinon forests here. It’s just been dry, hazy, and unseasonably warm. We’ve already lost millions of trees in this state to bark beetles and I’m afraid to think of what another dry summer might bring. I know there are many prayers going on for rain/snow.

It looks like we also lost our smiley faces!! I don’t know if that’s a plus or minus!!

:-) Christine

I also would like to ask questions, and post a new comment not as a reply to someone else's comment. Christine, please let us know how to do that. Also can we search keywords in this new site, as we were able to do before on your old, previous format?

It is good to be back!

Why does it say I can't post a new topic though?

Good to see you back too, Mommynow. Hello also to dear Heather who was one of the first to find us again.

Katia and others...to post a new topic you must be logged in. Then there are three bullet points at the top of the page, the third one being, "post a new forum topic."

That's a good point about the search function. I can change some things with my "administrator" access, and deeper changes can be made by the programmers. I'm making a list of all these items to send to them at the end of the day. They worked extremely hard and many long hours on this project, which presented some unforeseen difficulties.


Christine, the site looks wonderful. Oh, and I talked to my husband about taking a trip out to the Whole Woman Center some time...perhaps in the fall when my little one is a bit older.

I did log in Christine and the third bullet says:

"You are not allowed to post a new forum topic."

Try it now. I called the developers and they just made an adjustment (that field was turned off for members - this will take a bit of time to get right). :-)

I wish someone had told me where it all went to lol
I had the old forum in faves and eventually sussed to go to the main page and link - duhhh


Hi Sue,

There are still bugs to be worked out (read my notice on the forum home page), but we'll get it looking good and working well soon.

Glad you made it back!!


I am finding it very hard to real (My comp is set to largest text but it is so skinny here that i find it hard to focus on it lol)

It is really freaky lol so very different

Is there a way to make the text bolder?


Hi Christine,

I am going to try and post here again. This is my third try and I'm really not computer illiterate! I have a real question to ask, but can't seem to get this to post! Best wishes with your new site!

Wow, I haven't checked in for awhile and this is a real shock. I had to get a new password but changed it back to my old one and now I am good to go.
I checked back and I see my first post is there. I'm glad that the old messages are back.
Congratulations on the new center Christine. Your dreams are coming true. Now if we could just get the word out to all those woman that think they are alone with their problem.
Thank you Christine for helping me and so many others. I think we will like this new site better after we all get used to it.