Looking for a WWProject/nonprofit???


Hi, I saw this WWProject mentioned in the posts and was wondering if there was one in or near Philadelphia? I am interested in obtaining more information or just supporting an organization that would promote maintaining pelvic floor health. Thank you Christine and all for acknowledging the daily management/struggles with POP.

Hi Mommy2three,

Great! The WW Project will get underway later this year. I'll need help with this, as my hands are overflowing with the 10,000 things I'm trying to do now with the WW Center as well as creating more materials.

If you, or any of our other members, would like to be involved please send me (christine@wholewoman.com) your contact information, including skills, education, and why you would want to work with the Whole Woman Project

We will need fund raisers, research assistants, graphics coordinators, and publicity supervisors.