sea sponges


Hi, I have been trying to get a response about sea sponges and where to get them in Canada, could anyone help me please, also do you use them like a Tampon and how do you get them out again. Do they work for people that have a prolapse that comes outside the vagina as mine does?

I was on the verge of ordering some Jade & Pearl Firm Sea Sponges for Prolapse,last night, when I came across a website urging women not to use these sea sponges, because, they argued, the sponges could not be cleaned well enough to remove dirt, grit, and bacteria from them. The Whole Woman Forum women appear to have no difficulties keeping the sea sponges for prolapse clean enough, though. I really want to try them out myself, but now feel a little cautious after the warning tone of the website discouraging their are Whole Women cleaning them thoroughly so they do not create or risk infection?

Hi WWL - Sorry you haven't had a response to this post. If you are interested in sponges, you can continue to search older posts for discussions. I don't believe we have active members who are using them......if so, I hope they will speak up. I don't think many women here have had too much long-term success with them. - Surviving

I have been using the sea sponges from Jade and Pearl for a few years. I wash them thoroughly with mild hand soap when I get them and when I wear them. Then I let them soak in Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother in it) for a little while. Rinse, let dry. I keep two with the floss strings so I have one ready anytime. I clean mine everyday. Haven't had a problem with them at all.