Update on prolapse


I just wanted to pop back in to tell you how grateful I am for this site and how much it has helped me. You had some great advice about my working habits, and I have made some alterations, such as raising my worktable higher. It's not perfect but I can achieve better posture.I also rearranged my packing and shipping area. I have a low packing table and all I have to do now is slide the full boxes off the table and onto the scale and then onto the floor. No lifting.I read your book and it certainly was a revelation to say the least.
I also finally went to see my gyn. He was quite cavalier about the whole thing, and made like it was nothing. I told him I suspected I had a rectocele, and that I had done a lot of research on the internet.I think he resented that. Like a lot of doctors do.I could care less. I think I wanted him to know that I wasn't going to just follow along like a sheep, the way our mothers and grandmothers did.He did a thorough exam and said I also had a grade one cystocele as well as a grade two rectocele. Of course he suggested surgery. He told me he is taking part in a study on sling surgery.I told him I was not interested in any surgery.I refuse to be a Guinea pig for his Posterior IVS experiment.He seemd to write me off after that, which is expected.He did give me a scrip for a low-dose estrogen/progestin patch, which I accepted. Since weaning myelf off HRT, I have been feeling pretty bad. Dryness was causing the prolapse to hurt and burn when it came down, but mainly I had been having a really bad time with my IBS. Shortly after quitting HRT, it came back with a vengeance. Terrible bloating, cramping, frequent BM's..the whole enchilada. It hadn't bothered me in the 12 years I had been on HRT. Apparently, the HRT helped to smooth out the intestinal lining and was keeping it at bay. I was now getting the pain and cramps and bloating all confused with the prolapses until I couldn't tell which was which. About a week after going on the patch, it started to subside.I am taking Bromelain and Cat's Claw which helps as well.Today, I was on my feet all day. Packing and shipping and unpacking several cartons of stuff and then cooking and laundry and playing with the dogs. I nearly forgot I had a prolapse.I checked it and it was barely there. Before, it would have been bulged way out. I'm wondering if the pressure in my abdomen and intestines from the IBS was causing it to bulge further? It seems much smaller now. Even after a busy day.
Mentally I feel a lot better just knowing that I am not facing surgery, and this is something that can be dealt with. I am doing my Kegels, exercises, healthy diet, the posture, and a positive attitude.
I kmow that my life is not over, and what is happening to me is a natural thing. I never would have thought that 4 weeks ago.
So I owe you a debt of gratitude for all your hard work in this field, and for bringing the word to us all through this website and your book. If it weren't for you, I am sure I would be Uterus-less;) by now.
You are our champion!
Thank you,
Me...Gone to the dogs

Lynda, thank you for such a heart-warming message! In these files we have dozens of stories just like yours of doctors who are cavalier, hell-bent, and angry at anything less than their surgical prescription