Prolapse symptoms?


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if certain problems I'm having are related to my prolapse, or if there is something else going on. I have a lot of uterine cramping, as if I'm getting my period, although I haven't had a period yet since giving birth five months ago. I'm also very sore in the vaginal area. I had a vaginal birth and a second degree tear, which I also had with all three of my children, but I don't remember being so sore "down there" for so long. According to my dr, the tear was minor and I think I only had a couple of stitches. I do have uterine prolapse and rectocele and cystocele (sorry for the poor spelling, can't remember how those words go!), which cause no symptoms other than as described, which may or may not be related. I've not heard others decribe their symptoms like mine so I was wondering..., especially if the cramping pain is something I need to have checked out by a dr.


Hi Rachael

If you haven't had a period yet, I guess you are breastfeeding. If this is so, your baby may be feeding differently, which may have given your body the message that it is time to ovulate. Bodies do this sometimes ;-). Around 4-6 months babies often become interested in other foods, even just a little. Or your baby may be doing the classic five month old behaviour of becoming interested in things other than milking your breasts while feeding; they can get very distracted by sounds and things they can see while at the breast. It's a brain development stage. If you want to keep breastfeeding, and I hope you do because it so good for your baby, and is often very good for making busy Mums sit down during the day and take time out with baby, I suggest you feed in a dark, quiet spot with little visual distraction, or if necessary increase the number of times during the day that you put baby to the breast. Like try again in half an hour. Or you may have stopped feeding at night. All sorts of changes can happen, some not even related to breastfeeding. Hormones are funny things.

I found the frequency of periods stabilised between my babies in a way it never had previously, and the nature of them changed (more night bleeding, lighter during the day). You might find that your uterus is in a different position to where it was before pregnancy, which may be stating the bleeding obvious as you have said you have a prolapse ;-). Is the pain relieved, depending on whether you are sitting/standing/lying, and on your front or back, or with your bottom elevated?

I guess recommencement of menses is a bit like menarche all over again, where your body is trying to get all the hormones working together harmoniously, ie your body might be 'practising' for the real thing. The vaginal soreness might be chaffing-type soreness resulting from the position of the prolapse and/or vaginal dryness, like you can get just before a period.

It all sounds as if it *could* be quite normal, given that you have a prolapse; not the normal you know, perhaps, but OK given the variations of normal that our bodies experience through our (reproductive) lives. Might be worth checking out the pain, if it doesn't resolve by itself within a week or so, with your child health nurse, if you have one, ie the nurse you take your baby to for periodical developmental checks. Alternatively, your gynaecologist/obstetrician/community midwife.

Hope it all gets better by itself. Does anyone else have any ideas?