oops "Whole Shebang" , i meant!


the title looks like i meant some four letter word beginning with S when i got cutt off at S and somehow four dots were added. Not the intro i was looking for. LOL



Hi Ann-Helen

The Chinese seem to have a whole person approach with their medicine. They may also have a great sense of humour. ;-)

My prolapses came to my attention over the last three years or so I think, but a gynaecologist first noticed mild uterine prolapse well over ten years ago. It wasn't why I went in the first place, and it wasn't affecting my life in any way so I ignored it. However during the last four years I have completed the last demanding bit of Uni studies which involved hours and hours of time, week after week, in deep concentration sitting at a computer (on a standard, well-adjusted ergonomic office chair - that I have now ditched for an adjustable stool! See another one of my posts for how I made it from an office chair). I have also gone through the death throes of my marriage, moved out, developed three ruptured disks, made *very* good friends with my man after 25 years of mediocre to horrible marriage, moved back in, and am now living happily (ever-after?) with some new attitudes, new posture, a new marriage and nursing my way through recovery from the prolapses that also developed during that time. I felt fairly (emotionally and mentally) beaten up, just before I moved out, very much in need of some nurture; I had also developed full-blown asthma and knew that getting out of that poisonous marriage was the only way I was not going to die.

As you say, what was that about horses and stable doors???

What I am getting at is that in hindsight I can see that I was pushing way too hard, but needed to do all that stuff at the time. In the pressing need for it all, however, I ignored my personal fitness and ignored a lot of self-awareness on the way. Adrenaline seems to dull pain and the urge to self-care (something about soldiers in battle comes to mind...) And adrenaline can be so addictive!!

So I can see where the Chinese medicine philosophy comes in. If you don't think and study too much, rather spend your body in physical activity and your mind in the business of working your body in the activity of the moment, and taking the moment in, then I guess prolapse would be much less likely.

This would be the preventative nature of Chinese medicine, rather than the 'fix up the problem with drugs and surgery' approach of Western medicine. And no, the Western medical approach has so far been no help to me re the prolapses.

So there you are.



Thanks for sharing your story with me, and WOW what a life you've led so far! (O and sorry for the delay in replying - double whammy of exams and i barred myself from computer use untill i finished!)

But i think i have learned some lessons this time around and like you said, try to keep a close eye on my body rather than getting stuck in mental work to the exclusion of the rest.

I absolutely love what I study,(chinese medicine - acupuncture) and while i didn't get into the area to deal with my situation, natually now, i'm keeping paying close attention to any clues that might help me figure out why acupuncture wasn't effective for me with my prolpse's.
And also what sorts of variable's come into play for those for whom it was effective.

I'll pass on whatever i find out here on the forum.

Oh and i spotted your post on the chair making a while ago.. I remember thinking "damm i wish i was one of those women who were so handy at making and doing sorta things :) "

Anyhoo - Best wishes and keep well!